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Cider making equipment - making the right decision

Cider plays and important role in the UK drinks market. If you are thinking of setting up a cider making business, or you are an established cider maker wanting to expand your production, Vigo supply an extensive range of cider making equipment, including apple washers, apple presses / mills, fermentation tanks, pasteurisers, filters, and bottling equipment.

If you are already an apple juice producer and want to progress to making cider the main additional equipment required is tanks for fermentation and storage.

Cider Making Equipment - Making the right decision

Choosing to invest in new equipment can allow you to maximise production and minimise labour costs, improving your profitability, as long as you make the right choice.

Choosing equipment can be daunting, and can lead to many different questions:

  • How much cider can I make?
  • Will I have to pay Cider Duty?
  • What juice yields I can expect?
  • How much will the equipment cost?
  • How can I reduce my labour costs, yet increase production?
  • Will the new equipment integrate easily into my existing operation?
  • How can I be certain that I’m choosing the appropriate equipment to suit my business – both for now and the future?

What we can offer

Vigo has over over 30 years' experience supplying cider making equipment to cider makers. We can help you answer all of the questions able, and give you peace of mind. We can help you make the right choice to allow you to build your profits.

Juicing Equipment

Vigo offers the full range of Voran fruit processing equipment. Voran established in 1925 and are the market leaders in commercial fruit processing equipment. The Voran range is modular, process-based and extremely robust. In partnership with Voran, we can offer you:

  • Advice on the appropriate equipment for you – taking budget, space, desired throughput, labour, etc. into consideration
  • High quality, robust equipment
  • Excellent apple juice yields (these can vary depending on fruit variety and condition)
  • Competitive prices
  • Advice on integrating new equipment into existing schemes
  • Trade-in options for your used equipment
  • Advice on layout of equipment, power/water requirements in your building, etc.
  • Equipment thoroughly tested prior to despatch by experienced Vigo engineers
  • Conversion to single-phase power where required
  • Set-up and commissioning on site by experienced Vigo engineers
  • Comprehensive 2 year parts and labour warranty, backed up by Vigo engineers

All of this ensures you choose the right equipment for your application, which fits seamlessly into your operation. Our engineers ensure that the equipment works perfectly for you immediately, allowing you to quickly and efficiently increase production, reduce costs and increase your profitability.

Press Options

Commercial cider makers have essentially two main options available when choosing equipment for pressing:

  • Hydraulic Pressing – Using a hydraulic press with racks and cloths. The more traditional way of pressing, equipment is generally less expensive, but the manual nature of pressing in this way does mean that more labour is required and throughput is limited.

  • Belt Pressing – A more modern, automated pressing method. Belt presses allow large quantities of fruit to be pressed withminimal labour, but the equipment costs are more expensive.


Before pressing, apples need to be crushed to a fine pulp. Effectively crushing can have as much effect on juice yields as the power of the press. Vigo offers the Voran range of robust, heavy duty apple mills for commercial operations. The model of press will determine which mill is compatible.


For fermentation, we offer the Speidel range of tanks, which represent high quality at very competitive prices. We also have a range of yeasts, chemicals and treatments.


To prevent cider with residual (or added) sugar from re-fermenting it must be pasteurised. Pasteurisation involves heating the cider to a carefully controlled temperature for a specific time. There are two ways in which this can be achieved, both of which are equally effective:

  • In-bottle pasteurisation - filling bottles with cold juice and then immersing the bottles in hot water at a set temperature for a specific length of time
  • Flash pasteurisation - the juice is heated very quickly in a heat exchanger and bottled or bagged while hot

Vigo manufactures and supplies both In-bottle pasteurisers and flash pasteurisers for pasteurising cider.

Filtration & Carbonation

We offer filtration equipment for filtering cider prior to carbonation or bottling.

Vigo manufactured carbonators are available, from small scale to fully automated systems. Cider to be artificially carbonated must be chilled to less than 4°C in order for carbonation to be effective. Vigo specialist refrigeration and temperature control equipment for chilling cider prior to carbonation. All of the equipment we supply comes with the benefit of our experience, support and warranty.

Bottling Filling & Labelling

Vigo supply a full range of bottling equipment, from bottling machines, capping machines, to shrink capsule applicators.

Bag-in-Box Filling

Bag-in-box packaging is a convenient and economical alternative to bottles. Many cider makers use this bag-in-boxes to sell their products to pubs and bars in draught form. We supply bag-in-box fillers.


Many craft cider producers are turning to kegs as a way of increasing sales potential in bars and at festivals. Kegs are suitable for both carbonated and still cider. Vigo supply a range of keg washing and filling machines.

The Full Range

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Case Studies

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Advice from Vigo

Vigo can offer advice on equipment to suit your planned production rates and budget. Please contact us on 01404 892100 to discuss your requirements.

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