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B'Booster Top 720 automatic filling machine for vacuum bags -

  • Average fill rate 720 3 litre bags per hour
  • Touch screen display panel mounted on rotating & articulated arm
  • Program memory on all volumes with auto repositioning (20 data settings)
  • Suitable for filling up to 90°C continuous flow
  • Box format change in less than 5 minutes
  • AISI 316 s/s liquid contact parts with seamed, chamber-welded tubes
  • AISI 316 s/s fully closing filling head with tapered tip
  • Automatic motorised roller advance system to prevent stress-cracking during filling
  • Integrated CIP circuit with evacuation system
  • Hot water (up to 90ºC) & steam (up to 110ºC) sterilisation
  • Many options available including option to fill pouches, electromagnetic flow-meter, temperature control, 'Ultra-clean' model, etc.

Features: Application: Specification: Videos: Technibag

Automatic functions:

  • Preparation and introduction of empty bags
  • Air removal by electronic vacuostat
  • Tap removal
  • Filling
  • After filling: Injects nitrogen into collar, flushes nitrogen around collar, blows nitrogen into tap collar via Oxycontrol® (see image)
  • Tap fitting
  • Sniffing
  • Bag ejection
  • Guided bag separation
  • Bag evacuation

Average fill rate by bag capacity:

  • 3 litre: 720 bph
  • 5 litre: 580 bph
  • 10 litre: 410 bph
  • 15 litre: 320 bph
  • 20 litre: 260 bph


  • Vacuum bags*: 2 to 20 litre
  • Product temperature: up to 90°C continuous flow

( * ) Option to fill pouches (1.5 to 5 litres) - additional parts required

Suitable taps:

  • Vitop
  • Flex-tap
  • Vinitap
  • WS
  • Press-tap


  • Wine
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Fruit juices
  • Purees
  • Water
  • Dairy products
  • Concentrates
  • Syrups
  • Sauces
  • Soup
  • Various liquids (food & non food)
  • Multifunctional touch screen display mounted on rotating and articulated arm, with a range of modes including prime, production, statistics, settings, cleaning, maintenance, etc.
  • Repeatability: +/- 5cl
  • Programmable to the nearest cl
  • Program memory of bag sizes with automatic repositioning (20 data settings)
  • AISI 316 fully-closing stainless steel filling head with tapered tip
  • AISI 316 stainless steel liquid contact parts with seamed, chamber-welded tubes
  • Automated nitrogen injection, flushing and sniffing at end of filling
  • Separate vacuum and nitrogen circuits
  • Integrated nitrogen pressure regulator 0-4 bar
  • Automatic motorised roller advance system to prevent Stress-Cracking during filling
  • Integrated CIP circuit and evacuation system; a fixed integrated unit composed of tip, evacuation tube and 25mm clamp connectors at outlet
  • Hot water sterilisation up to 90°C
  • Steam sterilisation up to 110°C
  • Liquid contact parts will withstand chemical cleaning
  • Connections to your specification
  • Stainless steel chassis and control box (control box IP65)
  • Siemens control system pre-equipped for C’Booster® packing machine
  • Air pressure: 6 Bar
  • Air consumption: 7 m3/h/6 bar
  • Nitrogen pressure: 0.5 Bar
  • Power: 0.7 kW, 400V, 50Hz, three phase as standard
  • Dimensions Width 1080 x Depth 1800 x Height 2060 mm
  • Weight: 400kg


  • Electromagnetic flow-meter
  • Air drier kit for compressed air
  • Laminar air flow hood including booster and U15 filter with clogging control
  • DSN30 weighing machine
  • Change parts to allow pouch filling (1.5L to 5L) and bag-in-box filling
  • AL50 12500 L/h stainless steel pump, equipped with full drainage function and inverter
  • Temperature control
  • ‘Ultra-clean’ version available:
    • ALT50 Ultra Clean pump
    • Electromagnetic flow-meter
    • Laminar air-flow hood including U15 filter
    • Separate stainless steel vacuum/nitrogen solenoid valves
    • Steam cleanable up to 110°C
    • Food-compatible nitrogen circuit
    • DIN40 input connector
    • Aseptic jet on filling head (UC version only)

NB Video shows B'Booster (single head), O'Box, C'Booster, HM1200 & T'Box machines

Vigo is the UK agent for Technibag®, specialist manufacturers of bag-in-box filling and packing equipment with over 14 years' experience. Technibag are represented across 5 continents in over 63 countries.

Technibag manufactures bag-in-box solutions which are designed to preserve the quality of packaged liquids. Design and manufacture is carried out by their technical team in their manufacturing plant in France, which enables them to operate to stringent quality standards. Technibag commission APAVE, an independent safety audit organisation, to test their manufactured materials prior to launch on the market.

Since it established in 2000, Technibag has launched over 20 new products and carried out many research programs to place it at the forefront of innovative product development. Technibag’s latest technological developments include:

  • DAS system: Automated start-up of filling cycle

  • Oxycontrol® technology: Nitrogen flushing of tap collar prior to closure

  • ’Ultra-clean’ models: compliant with specific food-industry quality standards – includes AISI 316 stainless steel chamber-welded liquid contact parts, electromagnetic flow-meter, steam-cleanable up to 110°C, IP65 filling head components, etc.

  • Pouch & Cheertainer® ready models

What we can offer

In partnership with Technibag, we can offer you:

  • Advice on the appropriate equipment for you - taking budget, space and desired throughput into consideration

  • Installation, commissioning & training by our team of experienced, multi-skilled Vigo engineers

  • Full technical backup


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