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Hydropresses -

These presses are widely used in smaller vineyards where they give gentle pressing similar to that given by larger modern pneumatic presses and, in larger vineyards, to press lees. They are also used for pressing milled apples, and for pressing many other fruits and vegetables ranging from rhubarb to red currants.

The hydropress contains a rubber bag, which is inflated by mains water pressure (or by pumped water). Good juice yields can be achieved. Supplied with an inner press sack and hose connections.

Available in 40 litre & 90 litre capacities (see specification below).

(A 180 litre hydropress on a tilting frame is also available)

£600.00 ex VAT

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Specification: Videos:

40 litre Hyrdopress

  • Dimensions: Length 480 x Width 480 x Height 900 mm
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Outlet Height: 300 mm

90 litre Hyrdopress

  • Dimensions: Length 590 x Width 590 x Height 1070 mm
  • Weight: 28 kg
  • Outlet Height: 300 mm

Our thanks to Old Tree Brewery for this video. Old Tree are an ecological brewery based in Brighton producing a unique range of small-batch, probiotic and celebration drinks.


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