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Marlings Vineyard
Marlings Vineyard

About Marlings Vineyard

In 2005 David Balls took over Marlings Vineyard, a 3.5 acre vineyard in Hampshire. After setting up a winery on the site, David has since won UKVA awards for his white and rosé wine.

Marlings Vineyard's Requirements

A winery with a capacity of 4000 litres of red/white wine was required with both variable and fixed capacity tanks to allow for flexibility. For David, winemaking is all about capturing the flavours and aromas of his fruit and it was important that bottling reinforced this. After much research, he was impressed with the consistent results of screw caps and believed that corks are not a necessary requirement for the style of English wine. As a result, he chose to close his bottles with screw (ROPP) caps.

The Solution

Vigo supplied a grape destalker, a horizontal pneumatic press, Speidel fixed capacity and variable capacity tanks of 675 and 290 litres, a Schneider variable speed rubber impeller pump, a 20 cm plate filter, pre-bottling filter assembly, gravity feed filler, all necessary fittings and pipework, and a semi-automatic ROPP capper.


In an article in The Grapepress (February 2008), David wrote the following:

"After spending a long time talking to various suppliers, here and abroad, I decided to purchase the equipment through Vigo Ltd. I have nothing but praise for Alex Hill and his team. I could have probably sourced some of the items more cheaply but to have one supplier with the experience and the ability to supply an end-to-end solution convinced me. I am sure I made the right choice. I spent time with Vigo, talking through my objectives and my proposed equipment list. Alex immediately picked up on some items I had missed and suggested some alterations, all of which could be done in house at Vigo. Pre-shipping everything was organised to ensure that the process would flow as expected. When unpacked, it was all there, and worked as planned during a dry (wet) run.

When put in operation for the first time during the 2007 harvest, everything went to plan, with only one tiny hiccup which was solved by a few turns of the ubiquitous Duck Tape. A few weeks later when I decided I wanted a bypass for the variable speed pump, Vigo sent it without charge, as a gesture of goodwill for the business I had given them. As you may guess I would recommend them to anyone thinking of buying

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