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About Siren Craft Brew

SIBA Craft Beer award winners, Siren Craft Brew, was founded by Darron Anley in December 2012. The brewery is based in 3 industrial units in Finchampstead, near Reading.

Siren Craft Brew's Bottling Requirement

The aim of Siren’s April 2014 expansion project was to increase their capacity by nearly 80% to 90,000 pints per month. The objective throughout was to uphold their high standards of production.

Siren’s bottling had either been outsourced or hand bottled. As a result, they felt that the ‘[product] quality had suffered during this time’.

As part of the expansion project, Darron approached us with a requirement for a bottling line which would not only enable them to bottle in-house at a rate of 1500 bottles per hour, but would also to minimise oxygen pick up ‘in order to increase shelf life and [the] fresh taste for a lot longer’. An in-line labelling machine was also required to apply clear front, back and neck labels to the bottles.

The Solution

To meet their requirement , Vigo supplied bottling line, consisting of a CIMEC America DPS 12/12/1C automatic rinsing, filling & crown capping machine to fill at a rate of 2000 bottles per hour, and an S3T6/RI automatic in-line labelling machine and all associated conveyoring. The line was installed and commissioned by Vigo’s multi-skilled team of engineers.


Darron, gave the following feedback:

'We chose Vigo as they have a great reputation in the brewing industry, not only for only supplying the best quality equipment but also to put their money where their mouth is in terms of service and backup. We didn’t want to buy a patchwork set of equipment that we would be constantly troubleshooting with various manufacturers as to whose bit of kit the problem resided with.

The filling line has lived up to expectations and does a great job. It is reliable and has given us a huge improvement in dissolved oxygen levels.

The demand of our bottle product has continued to rise and rise. Quite frankly without this investment we would never have been able to keep up, but the real benefit has been the overall improvement in the quality of our product going out to customers.

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