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The Harbour Brewing Co
The Harbour Brewing Co
The Harbour Brewing Co

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About The Harbour Brewing Co

Harbour Brewing Company, based in North Cornwall, make a core range of full flavoured, balanced craft beers, from IPAs to porters, using the finest raw materials.

Harbour Brewing Co's Bottling Requirement

With good stocks of Harbour cask and bottled ales, the next phase of development for the company was to bottle 'in-house'. Bottling, to date, was outsourced by contract, but this raised general concerns over quality control and flexibility. β€˜It was one of the biggest problems we have faced to date; who do we trust to bottle our beer and will they bottle it in the quantities we want?’, co-founder Eddie Lofthouse said.

The requirement was to fill carbonated beer into 330ml and 500ml bottles at a rate of around 2,000 bottles per hour, and apply a self-adhesive wrap-around label with the facility to date stamp or lot mark. A filtration system for the rinse solution was also required.

The Solution

Vigo supplied, installed and commissioned a bottling line, consisting of a Cimec America DPS 12/12/1C automatic rinsing, filling & capping machine, an S1/LR1 SVV automatic linear labelling machine, a 100 litre rectangular rinse solution delivery tank with product delivery pump, a stainless steel filter housing assembly fitted with two 30” filter cartridges, and all associated conveyoring and stainless steel pipework.


Eddie provided the following feedback:

Why did you choose Vigo? 'We chose Vigo because of the great references we received from other breweries, the price was also very competitive!'

How satisfied are you with the equipment and service supplied? 'The equipment was supplied on time and is better quality than expected. The installation and ongoing service and support has be superb. I could not happier with the service and support we have received from Vigo.'

What positive impact has the equipment had on your business in general? 'Since installation our bottle sales have soared, and the quality of our product has never been better.'

To read more feedback see Harbour Brewing Co's 'New Equipment Arrives' feature on their website.

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