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The Little Beer Corporation
The Little Beer Corporation
The Little Beer Corporation

The Little Beer Corporation

The Little Beer Corporation is a microbrewery, founded by Jim Taylor, and based in Guildford. They produce a variety of around 10 styles of "adventurous" beers from around the world, including crystal rye IPA, milk stout, Vienna lager, barley wine and bocks. Quality, variety and creativity are the watch-words of The Little Beer Corporation.

The Little Beer Corporation's Requirement

Having sourced brewing plant, they required stainless steel fermentation and conditioning vessels. A system to control in-tank fermentation and conditioning temperatures along with air conditioning of a store room was also required.

The Solution

Vigo supplied and installed four Speidel stainless steel tanks with heat exchange jackets, along with a Chilly Max 110 cooling and heating unit. Vigo engineers installed a ring main to circulate coolant from the chiller to each tank, with a FermFix thermoregulation kit on each tank to control and display the individual temperature on each tank. Vigo engineers also installed a Thermofan air conditioning unit to control room temperatures, run off the same system.

See the system in action in The Little Beer Corporation video!


Jim Taylor, owner of the The Little Beer Corporation, said: “A lot of micro-brewers spend all their start-up money on the Brew-house. But in actual fact, the kit that is needed at this front end, doesn’t have to be all that sophisticated. So I chose to put a relatively high proportion of my funds into getting new fermenting and conditioning tanks and really good temperature control of these. Really good temperature control of fermentation, makes the difference between mediocre & good beer.

Vigo offer two things. Firstly, great gear ...all of the equipment comes from great manufacturers and the Speidel tanks are world-class. Second, and even more importantly, they offer great service – which is really important to any brewery. They are true professionals and their service is amazing. You can ring their engineers with questions at any time, and they’ll help you out. If it can’t be fixed on the phone, they’ll come and see you and will do the job properly – as opposed to rushing on to another job. Going with Vigo was a good decision. I’d recommend them without reservation to other brewers”.

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