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The Wild Beer Co
The Wild Beer Co
The Wild Beer Co

About Wild Beer Co

The Wild Beer Co, based in Somerset, produce an eclectic mix of wild beers using a number of yeast strains and barrel-ageing techniques.

Wild Beer Co's Bottling Requirement

Their business expanded rapidly and within a couple of years of starting up they needed to expand their bottling capacity, and gained support from the Rural Development Programme for England. Their bottling requirements were to rinse, fill and crown cap at 1,500 bottles per hour.

The Solution

Vigo supplied, installed and commissioned a bottling line, consisting of a Cimec America DPS 9/8/1 C automatic bottling, filling & capping machine..


Andrew Cooper, co-founder of Wild Beer, provided the following feedback:

Why did you choose Vigo? 'We were impressed with the level of service that Vigo could offer with the machine. It made them stand head and shoulders above the competition. They received some glowing references from both beer and cider makers that we spoke to and were relatively local to us.'

How satisfied are you with the equipment and service supplied? 'So far, so good! We have been impressed with the level of training we received, the quality of the installation and the help making sure the machine was installed safely and professionally. We have recommended Vigo to other breweries on the back of the service we have enjoyed.'

What positive impact has the equipment had on your business in general? 'The new bottling line has changed the game for us. We are now trying to get other parts of our business to the quality of the bottling. It has raised the standards in our business and is helping us significantly grow our business.'

Read Wild Beer's New Bottling Line blog post.

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