Technical Support

Technical Support


Why does support matter?

Technical support can be an after-thought when you're trying to source equipment because lower prices can be the deciding factor. We have received calls from drink producers over the years who have been caught short by poor support. It's costly and time-consuming for them to sort out the issues. Sometimes they never get resolved; sadly for them, we can't help because we didn't supply them the equipment.

What support does Vigo offer?

Support is our watch-word. We wouldn't have got where we are today without it and we strive to offer a full and comprehensive service, which gives you:

  • A team of Vigo engineers to call on: We are really proud of our engineers, as we are every one in the Vigo team. We have 6 Vigo engineers and two in training. They are all employed by us. Why is this important? Because their expertise is in our equipment, they operate to our high standards, and being part of the Vigo team, they reflect our values. Our engineers are multi-skilled and cover all aspects including mechanical, electrical, and general engineering and welding.

  • Flexible support: We have a fleet of Vigo vans so our engineers can support you on-site. Giving you full technical phone support is also very important to us and so we have dedicated office-based engineers you can contact.

  • Technical adaptations: One size (or type) doesn't always fit all and rarely will connect to your existing equipment without intervention. We can make technical adaptations to ensure, where necessary, that the equipment we supply integrates seamlessly into your line.

  • Safety standards: We take the safety of the products we sell very seriously. We purchase from reputable suppliers and we are committed to the safety of our customers and our staff. Where required under the relevant Directives, we ensure equipment is CE marked. As members of the CE Marking Association, we are authorised to issue CE marks where required and we keep up to date with changes in Directives and legislation.

  • Installation & commissioning: Larger projects and equipment require assembly in our workshops, re-assembly, set up at your site, and commissioning to ensure everything is operating according to your project requirements.

  • Manufacturing experience: We manufacture a few key pieces of equipment when an established equivalent cannot be found, or where the quality of alternatives on the market do not meet our high standards.

  • Trusted warranty: As standard we issue a comprehensive 12 month parts and labour warranty, supported by Vigo engineers; we offer an extended warranty on Voran presses and CIMEC bottling machines - please contact us for more details on this.

  • Maintenance advice: We can advise you on preventative maintenance to keep your equipment in good operative condition.

  • Service & repair: We carry out servicing and repairs on equipment bought from us. Service schedules can be tailored to fit your production demands.

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