Pump choosing

Choosing a pump

Points to consider

When choosing a pump, it's worth considering ...

  • Volume of each batch: How quickly do you want to move each batch?
  • Number of batches to be pumped in one work session: Make sure the pump has the capacity to get the job done in time.
  • Distance and head against which the liquid will be pumped: [By 'head' we mean the height to which the product will be pumped.] The greater the distance and the higher the head, the slower the flow. The rated capacity of pumps is for ideal conditions, over a short distance and with minimal delivery at the head.
  • Type of product: Is it free-flowing or viscous? Does it contain any suspended solids? Download our handy Pump Guide [1.61MB] to help you identify the suitable pump for your product. Is your product hot?
  • Self-priming: Is it an advantage for the pump to be self-priming, i.e., one that sucks the product into the pump? Most of our pumps are self-priming and also have reversible motors and can be pumped in both directions.
  • Variable speed: Is variable speed an advantage?

Select the right size of hose and hose connection - download our hose diameter flow rate guide [1.34MB] to help you choose the size of hose suitable for the flow rate. Match the hose to the performance of the pump.

Talk to us your pump requirements

We are here to help you choose a suitable pump for your application. Please call us on 01404 892100 to discuss your pump requirements.

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