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Vigo supplies a range of filters for wine production, including sheet filters, diatomaceous earth (DE) filters and cross-flow filters:

  • Sheet filters consist of a series of cellulose-based filter sheets which are clamped between filter plates in a way that allows each sheet to filter wine independently - in parallel. Filter sheets are available in different grades of porosity and so different grades of filtration can be achieved, i.e., coarse, medium, fine, or sterile.
  • Earth filters are ideal for fast, economical filtration of large volumes of wine. Diatomaceous earth (diatomite / kieselguhr) is the filtration medium.
  • Cross flow filters, from Bared, allow the filtration of large volumes of wine in a single step without the use of consumables.

*NB: Cartridge filters are also available for final filtration of wine to ensure the absence of yeast cells prior to bottling. They consist of a cylindrical filter cartridge held in a housing with product inlet and outlet connections. Wine entering the housing can only leave after passing through the cartridge. *

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