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Nordic Wellness Drinks
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Nordic Wellness Drinks

'Vigo have been exemplary in their advice and both their pre and post-sales support. I had one engineer facetiming me for an hour to talk me through the set-up of the semi-automatic labelling machine. It is almost like having another member of the team.'

Malene Sogaard, Nordic Wellness Drinks

Case Study Overview

Nordic Wellness Drinks in Surrey is run by Malene Sogaard & Pep Kelly. Malene & Pep's production aims were ...

  • to ferment in egg-shaped vessels
  • filtration & bottling functionality
  • We supplied semi-automatic filtration, filling, capping & labelling equipment, in addition to fermentation eggs.

    Nordic Wellness Drinks produce water kefir, a naturally effervescent, low-alcohol, fermented drink, containing gut-friendly live cultures. While Water Kefir can be drank unflavoured, Nordic Wellness Drinks enhance theirs with real super berries. These are berries that have super functional/health-giving properties (Aronia, Lingonberries, Bilberries, Sea Buckthorn) and have been traditionally hand-picked in the Nordic countries.

    The Nordic way

    Founders Malene Sogaard and Pep Kelly share a love of the Nordic way of life. Malene was born in Denmark and Pep had worked and travelled in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. It was during a quest to help strengthen her own immune system, that Malene discovered the health and wellbeing benefits of water kefir and other fermented foods.

    Pep left the corporate world to focus on soil, nutrition and the connection between the gut, health and wellbeing. After culinary and nature seeking expeditions to the Nordic countries and a trip to the Arctic Circle, Malene and Pep were inspired to start the business.

    The project

    Malene approached us with a requirement to kit out her purpose built fermentary on her small farm in the Surrey Hills. She particularly wanted to ferment in egg-shaped vessels, to provide a good all-round fermentation. Amphora/egg shaped vessels enable an obstacle free, convection process. During fermentation, there is a natural and gentle circulation of the healthy enzymes and acids (as no corners exist). Where fruit/mash is included in the fermentation, the egg shape forces more of the fruit/mash cap to remain submerged, maximizing flavours and intensifying colours.

    Filtration, bottling, labelling and capping equipment was also required.

    After liaising with Malene about her processing requirements for the water kefir, we supplied the following:

    • Speidel fermentation eggs
    • Vigo 20 x 20 cm sheet filter
    • Bottle rinser trees
    • Enolmaster 4 head vacuum filler with Tandem Professional filter cartridge
    • Single head benchtop ROPP capper set up by our engineers
    • VL/1 semi-automatic labelling machine set up by our engineers for use with Nordic Wellness Drinks labels
    • Various labware

    We asked Malene the following questions ...

    Why did you choose Vigo?

    'Vigo Ltd were recommended to me by another Master brewer. I first heard about Vigo while attending the first International Kombucha Summit in Berlin, in 2019, where I met other brewers and producers. They were very approachable and extremely helpful and forthcoming with advice.'

    What do you think of the equipment & service supplied by Vigo?

    'The equipment is fabulous, there are usually several options to choose from, depending on your size. Already we have scaled up from a single bottle filler to a four head. Vigo have been exemplary in their advice and both their pre and post-sales support. I had one engineer facetiming me for an hour to talk me through the set-up of the semi-automatic labelling machine. It is almost like having another member of the team. I feel Vigo really want us to succeed and they want us to be operational as quickly as possible.'

    Looking back on your journey to set-up your business, which specific achievements are you and Pep most proud of?

    'There have been so many ups and downs during the set-up and building of the Fermentary, walk-in chiller, packing room, cold room, website, all from scratch and during Covid and Brexit (dare I mention it!). What we are most proud of, is being able to serve the UK market with five flavours of a truly fabulous probiotic product that is 100% natural and organic just when everyone is so interested in gut health and good health and when the UK need it most!'

    You can read more about Nordic Wellness Drinks, Nordic Water Kefir , Pep and Malene’s story and the set-up of the Surrey Hills Fermentary at Nordic Wellness Drinks, or choose to follow them on Instagram, or like or follow them on Facebook , Linked In and or Twitter.

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