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Hydraulic presses

Also known as 'rack and cloth presses' or 'pack presses', hydraulic presses are a simple and relatively inexpensive way of producing high yields of juice. Apple pulp is wrapped in cloths, sandwiched between slatted wooden boards and stacked to form a ‘cheese’, which is pressed.

Voran are the market leaders in fruit juice processing equipment. The Voran range of hydraulic presses from Vigo offer you the following features:

  • Ability to press from 150 to 1000 kg per hour, depending on the model used
  • Suitable for pressing between 500kg & 6 tonnes of pulp per day
  • High juice yields - up to 75%, depending on fruit variety and quality – the thin layers of pulp allow juice to flow laterally for a good yield
  • Fast juice run-off through racks with multiple juice channels
  • Relatively inexpensive – ideal for start ups or small scale artisan producers
  • High quality, robust equipment – there are many Voran presses over 20 years old which are still giving good service today
  • Simple operation and easy to clean
  • Tested prior to despatch by Vigo engineers
  • Comprehensive 2 year warranty, backed up by Vigo engineers

Hydraulic presses are available in three sizes – 50P, 100P and 180P. The 100P press is available either with a single press bed, twin beds mounted on sliding trolleys or with twin beds mounted on a swivel chassis. Twin beds allow a cheese to be built while another is being pressed, doubling the rate of production.

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