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MT/VX automatic ROPP capping machine -

Caps are fed through an automatic vibration feeder and are distributed directly onto the bottle. A 4 roller ‘no cap, no roll’ threading head applies pressure to the cap on the bottle, and forms a thread, creating a seal between the bottle and cap, and a tamper evident seal.

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Changing bottle and cap types is fast and simple. Includes:

  • One set of change parts for one format of cylindrical glass bottle
  • One four roller capping head, suitable for one format of cap
  • One vibration feeder for one format of cap

The machine is fully guarded to meet EU regulations, and is built with stainless steel, alimentary grade plastic and steel alloys. These machines have a reputation for quality and durability.

Roll-on-pilfer-proof (ROPP) caps are made from aluminium. The thread is formed as the cap is applied to the bottle. The rotating capping head descends onto the bottle and small wheels mould the cap to the bottle thread and tuck the break-away tamper-evident seal under the rim on the bottle. Capping heads are made specific to each size of cap. Heads can be changed on the machine to allow the application of different sizes of cap with the same machine.

It is important to use the correct machine for your product. Different machines apply different amounts of pressure to the cap when the thread is formed. Bottles containing oils need less pressure than those containing free running liquids or carbonated products. Using the wrong machine with a carbonated product could lead to an insufficient seal forming, and gas could escape from the bottle, especially when pasteurising. Vigo has experience with these machines and we will advise on the correct machine and capping head for you.

  • Capacity: <2500 bottles per hour
  • Power: 400 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
  • Dimensions: Length 1200 x Depth 1070 x Height 2400 mm

Cap & Bottle Requirements:

  • Cap type: Aluminium
  • Bottle type: Cylindrical glass
  • Bottle Ø: min 55 - max 115 mm
  • Bottle height: min 140 - max 380 mm


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