Rapid 55C manual corker & muzzler for sparkling wine & bottle fermented cider

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The Rapid 55C is a robust, high quality machine for corking and muzzling English/Welsh Sparkling Wine, Champagne, and bottle-fermented cider.

  • For Champagne style bottles, Champagne style corks & muzzles
  • Around 120 bottles per hour, depending on operator
  • Removable 4 brass jaw compressor
  • Vertically directed precise double-guiding rod
  • Automatic locking of the bottle support
  • Includes ONE TWIST muzzler
  • Swiss made

NB This corker/muzzler is available with a crown capping device for an additional cost - please call us on 01404 892100 for more information.

Bottle parameters:

  • Bottle height: 200 to 560mm
  • Bottle diameter: 200mm maximum
  • Bottle mouth (internal) diameter: up to and including 18mm

Cork parameters:

  • Cork height: up to and including 48mm
  • Cork diameter: up to and including 34mm


  • Lever to compress cork
  • Lever to drive the cork into the bottle
  • Lever to lower the muzzler's pin into the loop of the muzzle - turn the ONE TWIST wheel a half-turn to twist the secure the muzzle
  • Stainless steel construction with brass jaws
  • Diameter of cork compression: 16mm
  • Weight: 55 kg

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