Miniature bottle 2 head manifold for Enolmaster

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A 2 head manifold (nozzle assembly) to enable you to fill miniature bottles on the Enolmaster vacuum filler with still products(Enolmaster supplied separately, see below)

  • Consists of T-bar assembly and 2 stainless steel nozzles for filling miniature bottles
  • Instructions supplied to disconnect pipework and dismount the existing nozzle manifold of the Enolmaster and mount these nozzles
  • The bottles need to be held by hand during filling
  • Interchangeable - switch from the miniature to standard manifold as and when required (NB Disconnection, dismounting and mounting required each time)

NB A stand for the miniature bottles to sit on during filling can be supplied at an additional cost. This is not included as standard because users generally find it unnecessary due to the short filling time of the miniature bottles, so they hold the bottles in their hands during filling. Please call us on 01404 892 100 if you want to enquire about the stand.

For use on the Enolmaster vacuum filler

These nozzles are suitable for:

  • Free running or slightly viscous liquids, such as wine, liqueurs, spirits (up to 40% ABV) and oils
  • Suitable for miniature glass bottles within the following parameter:
    • internal neck diameter between 7.5 and 16mm

NB If using for sugary liqueurs or products containing sugar, the Oil Bath Filter accessory must be used to protect the Enolmaster's vacuum pump from damage

NB Only spirits with an ABV of up to 40% should be used with the Enolmaster vacuum filler

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