Rizzolio 6-6-1 triblock rinser, counter pressure filler & capper

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Semi-automatic SAV6-RLV ISO RLC1s are counter pressure / isobaric filling machines with rinsing and capping functions, manufactured by Rizzolio, specialists in semi-automatic filling equipment. These machines are designed specifically for the packaging of carbonated products, including beer, cider, sparkling wine (Charmat method) and water. Features include:

  • Fast filling cycles which minimise foaming - product is distributed against the inner bottle wall
  • High quality vacuum for oxygen reduction
  • Low Oxygen TPO values
  • Rinser with "No bottle - no spray" system
  • User friendly
  • Total control through display screen
  • External visibility vacuum tank to ensure visual monitoring of correct operating status
  • Easy to clean base with recessed working area
  • Easy visibility and access from rear via compass door
  • Flexibility to fill any size bottle - NB change parts may be required

The SAV6-RLV ISO RLC1 6-6-1 Triblock consists of:

  • SAV rinsing function with 6 nozzles
  • RLV-ISO counter pressure filling machine - Rizzolio's latest model of counter pressure filler - with 6 filling heads
  • RLC1 crown capping function - single head

Production speeds are up to 500 bottles per hour depending on the operator, the temperature, the type and density of the product, and the capacity of the bottles. See Application for bottle and cap parameters, and optional extras.

Please call us on 01404 892100 to discuss this machine.

Suitable for the following:

  • Glass bottles (for PET bottles, an additional kit is required) with maximum diameter of 115mm and maximum height of 370mm
  • Either 26mm or 29mm crown cap (additional change parts are required for both formats)

For other bottle formats, please discuss with us.

Optional extras include:

  • Kit for PET bottles
  • Recirculation of rinsing solution
  • Air-blowing function rather than rinser
  • Automatic cycle - facilitates all functions: rinser timing, filling steps/modes, capping timing, and CIP timings
  • Pre-evacuation
  • CO2 injection (pre and/or post fill)
  • Protective sliding doors
  • Dual head on crown capper - helps to minimise oxygenation of product
  • Vibrating feeder for caps
  • Automatic loader for caps
  • Rinsing function via push-button
  • Filling function via 4 lever operation (automatic system optional) to initiate the various steps, e.g., pre-evacuation, CO2 injection, filling, etc.)
  • Capping function via 2 push-button operation
  • See Application for bottle & cap parameters
  • Rinsing tank capacity: 36 litres
  • Product tank capacity: 18 litres
  • Worktop height: 750mm approx.
  • Stainless steel (AISI 304) contact parts & cladding
  • Mounted on 6 wheels with brake
  • Max C02 pressure: 5 Bar
  • Air consumption: 120 litres/min
  • Power: 220V, single phase
  • Dimensions: Width 1630 x Depth 640 x Height 2100 mm
  • Weight: 505kg

Vigo is pleased to offer Rizzolio semi-automatic filling machines for carbonated and still products. Rizzolio was established in 2004 with an ambition to produce semi-automatic bottling machines with advanced technologies at competitive prices.

We chose Rizzolio because:

  • On setting up the company, the founder brought 15 years of mechanical engineering experience and 15 years' experience collaborating with leading companies in the bottling sector

  • They produce good quality products at a competitive price

  • They manufacture their equipment in-house and so have complete control over the process

  • They specialise in semi-automatic bottling soltuions

  • We admire their values, which are all about good and sound production and a willingness to share bottling innovations achieved as a result of their work on specific client projects

Rizzolio's range includes:

  • Machines to cover a wide range of packaging options

  • Machines designed to be simple to operate

  • Machines manufactured to optimise hygiene during filling

What we can offer

In partnership with Rizzolio, we can offer you:

  • Advice on the appropriate equipment for you - taking budget, space and desired throughput into consideration

  • Installation, commissioning & training by our team of experienced, multi-skilled Vigo engineers

  • Full technical backup

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