Twin nozzle bottle rinser/steriliser sinks

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A highly effective bottle rinser that delivers a powerful jet of rinsing liquid into inverted bottles.

  • Developed and manufactured by Vigo
  • Compact stainless steel sink mounted on a stainless steel stand
  • Two pressure-activated nozzles and a drain
  • Versions available with pump to re-circulate sterilant* and/or cartridge filter housing** for water filter

(*) Peracetic Acid is not suitable for use with the pump version of this rinser/steriliser

(**) Filter cartridges not included. Please contact us for the appropriate filter cartridge. Unfortunately filter cartridges are not yet available to order online but we can add them to your online order, on request. Please call us on 01404 892100 to request this.

  • Capacity: 400 - 600 bottles per hour
  • Dimensions: Height 752 x Width 390 x Depth 300 mm

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