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50 litre Braumeister brewing system - 93515

The Braumeister is a compact, self-contained brewing system which allows you to make any type of beer – English ales, lagers, ‘Blonde’ beers, wheat beers – anything! It has fully automatic, programmable temperature and time functions, and an integral pump. The accurate, automatic controls give you good, consistent results, and reliable replication. The control of this 50 litre model features a colour screen, and it can store up to 10 recipes.

The Braumeister combines a hot liquor tank, mash tun and copper in one compact vessel. All models contain powerful elements for fast heating, and a pump. The full features are listed below, or you can download Speidel's latest Braumeister brochure here[10MB].

'The freedom of choice and total control of the entire process is what puts this system above the rest. With the brewer able to select malts and adjuncts, mashing profile, boiling and hopping regimes, as well as downstream fermentation, this system allows the brewer to pretty much brew any beer style (and create their own!).'Brewer & Distiller International, April 2015

'The precise nature of the system and ease of repeatability mean that such a system is perfect for small and large breweries as well as home brewers. Many smaller breweries use several 50L systems as their brew house systems, while larger breweries use the Braumeister to create and adjust new recipes before scaling up. A 2hL and 5hL system ... are available for larger-scale operations.' Brewer & Distiller International, March 2015

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The 50 litre Braumeister is ideal for home brewers and breweries developing new beers. An optional malt pipe shortener is available to brew 20 litre batches in this unit.

  • Extremely simple to use – takes the mystery out of brewing!
  • Use to make any type of beer/ale
  • Hot liquor tank, mash tun & copper in one compact vessel!
  • Auto programmable temperature & time functions
  • Reliable replication of results

The Braumeister can be programmed by the brewer according to the recipe for the beer being brewed, with the following programmable phases:

  1. Mashing the wort
  2. Protein phase
  3. Maltose phase
  4. Saccharification phase
  5. Hop boiling


The Braumeister program is set up with 2 standard brewing recipes with specific time and temperature values for the different phases of brewing. You can program your own recipes (10 maximum) via the control panel. Use the control panel to select the recipe you want to use. The control system will run through the brewing phases automatically and will guide you through the various steps you need to take at the relevant times. [Please note, a manual operation mode is also available.]


Depending on the recipe and process, pour water in and it will be heated to the temperature set on the program (typically 38 °C). When prompted insert the malt pipe with the sieve inserts and pour the malt in. Place the other sieve insert on top and screw the maltpipe top-bar securely in place with the wingnut.

Mashing & brewing

The pump will switch on. As the wort is circulated, the starch is extracted from the malt. The Braumeister will then run through the four brewing phases (Protein Rest; Maltose Rest; Sugar Rest 1; Sugar Rest 2).


After the four phases have been run through, a warning tone sounds. The lautering process is easily and quickly done by removing the malt pipe: place the malt pipe's resting bracket on top of the Braumeister; lift the malt pipe using the lifting bracket and rest it on the bracket via the lower support bolts extruding from the malt pipe. Allow the malt pipe to drain a few minutes. If necessary you can pour water through the malt (sparge) to achieve a better yield. Remove the malt pipe.

Hop Boiling

The Braumeister will prompt you to add hops and will then start the hop boiling stage which must be carried out with the lid off. The wort is boiled for 80 minutes and more hop batches can be added (the program allows for up to 3 batches). The original gravity can be finally adjusted by adding or removing water. The central spindle in the Braumeister serves as a level meter. At the end of the boiling phase, a warning tone sounds again.

Fermenting & Maturing

After boiling, brewing is complete. The wort can be cooled using the wort cooling coil (available separately), connected to your cold water supply. When finished, drain the wort via the Braumeister tap into a sterilised fermenter, mix in yeast and ferment.

After several weeks storage in bottles or in a maturing vessel, the beer will be ready to drink.

50 litre Braumeister brewing machine

  • Control system: fully automatic brewing control (temperature. time, pump)
  • Phase: Single
  • Power: 230 V
  • Pump Requirements: 2 x 23 Watt
  • Heating Element Requirements: 3200 Watt
  • Plug Type: 16A Commando 3-Pin
  • Maximum malt quantity: 13kg
  • Dimensions: 50 Ø x 70 cm high
  • Weight: 24kg

Please note that this unit requires a 16 amp circuit with a three (round) pin plug. Please contact us if you require more details.

Brewing Braumeister - Please note, the 10 litre model is shown in this video

Please note, the videos below show the old model of Braumeister, but it operates in the same way as the new model:

American Pale Ale with the Braumeister

Bohemian Pilsner with the Braumeister

Imperial Stout with the Braumeister

As used by Brew-School, on their six-day Practical Commercial Brewing Course!

Brew-School use the Braumeister to teach the advanced brewing element of this course, which looks at recipe development for homebrewers and microbreweries.


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