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The Speidel Braumeister is a compact, self-contained brewing system which allows you to make any type of beer – English ales, lagers, ‘Blonde’ beers, wheat beers – anything! It has fully automatic, programmable temperature and time functions, and an integral pump. The accurate, automatic controls give you good, consistent results, and reliable replication.

The Braumeister combines a hot liquor tank, mash tun and copper in one compact vessel. All models contain powerful elements for fast heating, and a pump. The full features are listed below, or you can download Speidel's latest Braumeister brochure here[9MB].

New model! It's like the original, but better. That’s the #Braumeister PLUS with new brewing control unit and with the known welded-on double jacket for cooling. The updated features are highlighted bold in the Features tab.

The new automatic control system brews with your own individual recipes and guides you through the brewing process. Recipes and software updates can be synced automaticly with the integrated wifi. The time and temperature are precisely maintained through all brewing phases (temp sensor in the center rod in the middle of the malt). In contrast to the cumbersome equipment of some other hobby brewers, the Braumeister does not need to be stirred all the time. Thanks to the patented malt pipe technology, the wort is circulated gently and conveniently. Nothing can burn on and nothing needs to be racked during the brewing phases. This way brewing more complex beers is easier than ever before. For emptying the waste water there is an additional outlet tap mounted to the tank bottom, which makes cleaning remarkably easy.

The 20 litre #Braumeister PLUS is ideal for home brewers and breweries developing new beers.

  • Extremely simple to use – takes the mystery out of brewing!
  • Use to make any type of beer/ale
  • Hot liquor tank, mash tun & copper in one compact vessel!
  • Double jacket for cooling
  • New improved automatic control system
  • Auto programmable temperature & time functions
  • Gives appropriate prompts to the user at each stage
  • Reliable replication of results
  • Welded on double stainless steel jacket for wort cooling
  • Additional outlet tap for emptying the waste water to make cleaning easier


Depending on the recipe, the Braumeister is programmed with the appropriate brewing times or a recipe from My Speidel gets synchronized. The brewing process starts by switching over to automatic brewing. The control system guides the user through the various steps and executes the four brewing phases automatically.


Depending on the recipe and method, water is poured in and heated up to 38 °C. Then the malt pipe with the sieve inserts is put in position. Malt is poured between the sieve inserts. The malt pipe is fixed with bracket and draw-bar.

Mashing & brewing

The pump switches on. Due to the resulting water / wort circulation, the starch is extracted from the malt. The four brewing phases are executed as programmed, for example as follows:

  1. Protein rest 55 °C, approximately 5 min
  2. Maltose rest 63 °C, approximately 40 min
  3. Saccrification rest 72 °C, approximately 30 min
  4. Saccrification rest 78 °C, approximately 15 min


At the end of the four phases an acoustic signal sounds. The sub-sequent lautering process is quickly executed by simply removing the malt pipe. In the case of the 200 and 500 litre Braumeister this is done by means of the lifting device. Allow to drain a few minutes and remove – if necessary, pour water through the malt (sparge) to achieve a better yield.

Hop Boiling

With the lid open, the wort is boiled for 80 minutes with hops being added several times. The evaporated water is to be replaced by adding fresh brewing water. The original gravity can be finally adjusted by adding or leaving out water. The draw-bar on the Braumeister serves as a level meter. At the end of the boiling phase, an acoustic signal sounds again.

Fermenting & Maturing

Immediately after the boiling of the wort the temperature of the wort is brought to the level of the fermentation temperature by a double jacket; the wort needs to be mixed with yeast and fermented in a suitably sized fermenter/tank (available separately). After several weeks of storage in bottles (not supplied) or in a maturing barrel (not supplied), the beer can be consumed.

'The freedom of choice and total control of the entire process is what puts this system above the rest. With the brewer able to select malts and adjuncts, mashing profile, boiling and hopping regimes, as well as downstream fermentation, this system allows the brewer to pretty much brew any beer style (and create their own!).' Brewer & Distiller International, April 2015

'The precise nature of the system and ease of repeatability mean that such a system is perfect for small and large breweries as well as home brewers. Many smaller breweries use several 50L systems as their brew house systems, while larger breweries use the Braumeister to create and adjust new recipes before scaling up. A 2hL and 5hL system ... are available for larger-scale operations.'* Brewer & Distiller International, March 2015

Braumeisters are used by Brew-School, on their six-day Practical Commercial Brewing Course to teach the advanced brewing element of this course, which looks at recipe development for homebrewers and microbreweries.

Quotes from UK customers:

  • 'Speidel have taken brewing beer to another level in my honest and humble opinion they are simply astonishing to taste savour and appreciate. The feed back I’ve had from people who have tasted my brews no matter style or country of origin where that style of beer has come from the reaction that they simply can’t get enough of a Braumeister brewed beer. I just can’t praise Speidel enough in what they have created right across the whole Braumeister range. Cheers / Prost!'

  • Hi, just to say i recently bought a 10l braumeister, it is a top notch bit of equipment and brewing has become a joy. It is simple to use and reliable.'

  • 'Yesterday I made my first attempt at brewing and I am very happy with it! It's a great device, easy to use and efficient. I really enjoyed my brewing day, especially because of the low outlay involved in brewing and even more when cleaning afterwards. The Braumeister does not actually shorten the brewing day though, but definitely makes it easier and more enjoyable. I managed to brew a Bohemian Pilsener with a single program run. And all this with only one spare stainless steel pot for the brew! It all worked so incredibly smoothly.'

  • 'After purchasing earlier this year I thought you might be interested in our recent brew, the first brewery in Yorkshire to bottle real ale made with Yorkshire Hops! I have to say the equipment is fantastic and has certainly helped us develop and maintain consistently good results, we currently brew about once a week but are looking forward to increasing this as demand grows.'

  • New improved control system with touch screen, integrated brewing guide and Wifi for software updates and sync of recipes
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Cooling jacket for easy and hygienic cooling with water
  • Quantity: 20 l of finished beer (normal beer) = approx. 23 l of wort
  • Max. malt quantity 6 kg
  • Additional outlet valve in the bottom

General advantages:

  • The control panel of the #Braumeister PLUS is touchscreen (the previous model was operated via buttons)
  • Patented malt pipe system from bottom to top against the gravity for effective and gentle wash out of the malt and high yield, no piping on the outside of the vessel - the malt pipe now has four bolts instead of 2 for more flexibility during lautering
  • Clean and hygienic cooling with water by the welded cooling jacket (no cooling spiral necessary)
  • Easy cleaning by extra bottom valve allows the Braumeister to be completely emptied & easily cleaned, smooth weldings, 3D surface and an easy pump cleaning by a simple pump opening (pump can be detached & dismantled)
  • Service friendly construction: all connections to pump, control and sensor are screwed and therefore fast and simple to replace if necessary
  • Braumeister stays up to date via software updates through integrated Wifi and new accessories, which are developed to be compatible to already sold devices

Control software:

  • Integrated brewing guide - shows the exact ingredients, including quantities
  • Exact temperature measuring - the temperature sensor has been installed directly in the middle bar of the new Braumeister; this means that the temperature measurement is now even more accurate in combination with the new software adjustments
  • Adjustable Heating & pump pauses (manual mode) - individual pump pauses can now be set via the new touch screen control
  • Integrated Wifi for software updates over the air and sync of recipes with MySpeidel
  • Integrated data base of raw materials
  • Timer function - the new timer function allows a delayed start of the brewing process at the desired time - simply set the desired time and the Braumeister starts automatically.

Control hardware:

  • IP 65 water resistant
  • Touchscreen 5"
  • Temp sensor inside the center rod in the middle of the malt
  • High resistance to water and slimmer design
  • Additional connections 24V and CAN for future applications
  • Wifi and Bluetooth integrated

Brewing smaller batches: An optional malt pipe shortener is available to brew 10 litre batches in this unit, however, please note that cooling via the double jacket only functions to a limited extent with half the amount of wort.

  • Heating coil: 2,000 W output
  • Pump: 27 W - adjustable speed
  • Power supply connection: 230 V (fuse protection min. 10 A)
  • Plug Type: 3-Pin UK
  • Control system: fully automatic brewing control (temperature, time, pump)
  • Maximum malt quantity: 6 kg
  • Weld-on double jacket for cooling
  • Connectors to jacket 1" ET - 2 x Gardena connectors included
  • Additional outlet tap ¾" on tank bottom
  • Height: 60 cm
  • Diameter: 40 cm
  • Weight: 19kg

NB These videos show the previous model of Braumeister PLUS, not the new model #Braumeister PLUS, but the brewing operation is the same:

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