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Why can?

The benefits of canning

Here are some of the reasons why craft breweries are moving to cans:

  • They protect beer from light and oxygen
  • They retain fresh hop flavours
  • Modern cans are lined with a polymer lining so that the beer doesn’t touch any metal
  • They are highly portable
  • They are welcome in places where bottles are not
  • They can be crushed down when empty and are easily recyclable
  • Compared to bottles, they are space-saving, lighter and they won’t smash
  • The unit cost of a can is cheaper than that of a bottle, label and cap

Cans are an ideal form of packaging for cider too, for many of the same reasons.

Read The Brewers Journal's 'The Can Drive' article for more about how cans are increasing routes to market for small and medium sized breweries in the UK.

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