Filter housings

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We offer filter housings and cartridges (available separately) for a range of filtering applications, from coarse filtration of cloudy juices, to fine ‘sterile’ filtration of wines, beers and ciders. Cartridge filtration can also be used for dechlorination of water.

The housings have inlet and outlet connections and hold a cartridge (available separately - see below). The product can only leave the housing after passing through the cartridge.

Housings are available in three sizes: 10”, 20” and 30” (larger housings/cartridges are used where a greater flow rate is required), and in three materials:

  • Clear polypropylene: Typically used for coarse juice filtration. The user is able to see the condition of the filter
  • Blue polypropylene: Usually used when filtering water
  • Stainless steel: Ideal where the housing is to be steam sterilised. Available as tandem filters where product needs to be filtered through different grades simultaneously. We can supply stainless steel filter housings alone or we can manufacture stainless steel filter assemblies which consist of filter housings mounted on a stainless steel stand for specific application (pre-bottling, for example).

The type of filter housing and cartridge you choose is totally dependent on the product you are filtering. Please call us on 01404 892100 us to discuss your specific filtration requirements.

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