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Cross flow filtration

Cross flow filtration allows you to filter large batches of product to sub-micron levels, without the use of consumables.

Conventional filtration involves liquid passing through a filter surface in a perpendicular way. With cross-flow filtration, where a semi-permeable membrane is used, liquid passes both through and across the membrane, keeping the surface clean of residues.

The benefits of using cross-flow filtration can include:

  • Clarifying substances & filtering aids are not required - save on production, storage, labour and disposal costs
  • Charging/discharging filter with filter medium not required – save on labour and costs
  • Less filtration stages – single filtration for cider & wine
  • Save on labour and operator mistakes – many are automated
  • Elimination of processing time for clarification and sedimentation - less tanks ‘locked-up’
  • Continuous running – filtration cycles can last 20 hours and more
  • Consistent flow rate – flow rate established at beginning of cycle and averagely kept constant
  • Integral product recovery – lowest unfiltered volumes (0.2% of total volume)
  • Energy saving – 0.09kW/100 litres of filtered product

Vigo is the UK agent for Bared, specialists in membrane technologies for the drinks industry for over 30 years.

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