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Sheet filters

Our plate filters are suitable for the filtration of wine, cider, fruit juices, beer, vinegar and, with an appropriate pump, oils. The machines offer the following features:

  • Simple operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Economical for small batches
  • Consistent filtration quality

All the filters operate on the same principle: cellulose based sheets are clamped between filter plates which allows each sheet to operate independently, in parallel. Filters with more plates can therefore filter your product at a higher flow rate.

Vigo also supplies filter sheets for use with plate filters. Sheets are available in different porosity grades – from coarse grades to remove visible haze through to sterile filtration, with intermediate grades also available. This means that one machine can achieve different grades of filtration. Filter sheets eventually become clogged with particles from the liquid, and need to be discarded and replaced. The working life of filter sheets depends on the condition of the product.

We give an indication of the capacity of each filter; the higher figure relates to coarse filtration, and the lower figure relates to sterile filtration. The capacity is again also dependent on the condition of the product. When filtering small amounts of product, it is possible to use the machines with less than the full complement of filter sheets – reducing wastage of sheets.

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