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This insulated hose is designed for sustained delivery of steam at up to 3 bar pressure. It is suitable for our range of steam generators.

  • Sold in multiples of 5 - please insert the total number of metres you want to order in the Quantity box. NB If this number is not a multiple of 5 the basket will reset the amount to the next highest multiple of 5
  • Orders up to and including 30m supplied as one complete length; orders over 30m will be supplied in 2 or more lengths depending on the quantity ordered (a full reel is 30m)

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  • Suitable for conveying hot water, saturated steam, and beverages with an ABV up to 40%
  • Temperature : up to + 170°C
  • Pressure @ 20°C: 7 bar
  • Maximum ABV: 40%

19mm Ø

  • Hose external diameter : 31 mm
  • Hose wall diameter: 6.0mm
  • Appropriate hoseclip (available separately): stock code 57703

25mm Ø

  • Hose external diameter : 38 mm
  • Hose wall diameter: 6.5mm
  • Appropriate hoseclip (available separately): stock code 57704
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