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Voran PA400LC flash pasteuriser - 96434


Flash pasteurisation involves heating your product to a high temperature for a short length of time in a continuous flow. Where a long shelf life is required and the filling conditions are not aseptic the product is delivered hot directly to a filling machine for filling while still hot. Flash pasteurisers allow you to dramatically increase your rate of production.

The Voran PA400LC flash pasteuriser is competitively priced and ideal for smaller to medium scale producers looking to get away from the more time consuming process of pasteurising in-bottle or in-bag. It allows you to work with over four times as much product per hour as an in bottle pasteuriser, with lower labour costs. It has the following features:

  • Pasteurisation rates up to 400 litres per hour
  • Pasteurisation temperatures up to 86°C
  • Oil pasteuriser and tube heat exchanger with automatic temperature control
  • Compact footprint
  • Simple operation


  • CIP tank
  • Low temperature alarm for the product in the filler tank
  • Data logging of temperature

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Features: Application: Specification:
  • Closed high-temperature heating-circuit system enables pasteurisation temperatures of up to 86°C
  • Automatically regulated ball valve enables continuous operation without use of the bypass
  • Simple and central operation
  • Heating source: oil combustion system
  • Tubular heat exchanger in the insulated buffer memory (minimised heat dissipation losses)
  • Stainless steel juice pump
  • Stable and mobile steel frame

Flash pasteurisation involves heating your product to a high temperature for a short length of time in a continuous flow. The product is delivered to a filling machine (hand-operated or automatic), and bottles are filled while the product is still hot – destroying any bacteria or yeasts in the bottle too. Products which have been flash pasteurised have the same long shelf life as products pasteurised in the bottle (for apple juice in glass bottles this can be at least 2 years).

  • Product maximum particulate size:1mm
  • Product inlet and outlet connections: DIN 25 Male with DIN 25 Female to 1” hosetails
  • Dimensions: Width 961 x Depth 960 x Height 1822 mm
  • Fuel: Diesel (35 Sec) ordinary vehicle fuel
  • Fuel consumption: Up to 3.4 litres pre hour at maximum product output
  • Power: 230V, 50Hz, 6 amp, 1.4kW
  • Maximum boiler output: 35kW
  • Weight: Empty 260kg; Filled 360kg
  • Flow rate: Up to 400 lph (at 80°C juice temperature differential)

NB Flue not included


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