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Hydropresses (original) -

Hydropresses, manufactured by Speidel, are widely used in smaller vineyards and apple orchards to press small batches of fruit. They give a gentle pressing, similar to that given by larger modern pneumatic wine presses. They can also be used to press lees, and a range of fruits and vegetables (including rhubarb and red currants). Please note, fruits and vegetables should be crushed/milled prior to pressing - see Application.

Hydropresses use mains pressure or pumped water to inflate the rubber bag inside the press. As the bag inflates it presses the fruit pulp against the slotted cylinder. The pressure applied and time pressing can be regulated by opening and closing the water tap.

  • Good juice yields even if partially filled
  • Stainless steel press cylinder, slotted (instead of perforated) for better yield
  • Enamelled cast aluminium alloy base & lid
  • Supplied with press bag & splash guard sack
  • Supplied with 1/2" hose connector & 75cm of clear braided hose (13mm / 1/2")

Available in 40 litre & 90 litre capacities (see specification below).

(A 180 litre hydropress on a tilting frame is also available)

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Fruit Preparation

Fruit should be prepared for pressing as follows:

  • Soft fruits such as grapes, berries and currants must be crushed to break the skins prior to pressing
  • Apples and pears must be milled

40 litre Hyrdopress

  • Dimensions: Diameter 480mm x Height 900 mm
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Outlet Height: 300 mm

90 litre Hyrdopress

  • Dimensions: Diameter: 590 x Height 1070 mm
  • Weight: 28 kg
  • Outlet Height: 300 mm

Both models

  • Maximum water pressure: 3 Bar
  • Fittings supplied: Geka hosetail & snap on/off 1/2" female connector
  • Included: 75cm of clear braided hose (13mm / 1/2") & hose tail

Our thanks to Old Tree Brewery for this video. Old Tree are an ecological brewery based in Brighton producing a unique range of small-batch, probiotic and celebration drinks.

Speidel: Speidel have been manufacturing high quality tanks for the wine & beverage industries for over 100 years. Speidel tanks are used by successful drink producers around the world. As Speidel's exclusive UK agents, Vigo has been supplying Speidel tanks since 1996. We ensure the right tank is chosen for each application and fitted with the correct accessories.

Speidel tanks are manufactured from high quality Outukumpu stainless steel. Outukumpu are global leaders of stainless steel production, were founded in 1910 and acquired ThyssenKrupp in 2012. The steel is manufactured to stringent German standards and is generally thicker than that found on cheaper brands of tank.

Easy Clean
Speidel’s innovative design and production methods produce tanks which are incredibly easy to clean:

  • Mirror finish (grade llld 2R) for chemical free cleaning, reducing labour costs, chemical costs and damage to the environment
  • Seamless moulding of panels, door opening and door, reducing welds, minimising dirt traps and tartrate crystal formation, while maintaining great strength
  • Continuous, smooth welds, minimising dirt traps and tartrate crystal formation

Special features
Click here to view more special features of Speidel tanks.

Speidel stainless steel tanks* are guaranteed for 25 years and the wine makers, cider makers, juice producers and brewers who use them know why. Click here to read the reasons why.

(*)Excludes pressure tanks, due to the statutory requirements of the Pressure Equipment & Systems Regulations - please enquire for an explanation.

Competitive Price
The price of Speidel tanks is surprisingly competitive for the level of quality.

Speidel won the Vinitech Citation Innovation award for the design of their red wine mash plunger system, which ensures gentle processing, high colour and aroma extraction, low sludge content, and enables preset programming of immersion and interval times.

Environmentally Friendly Production
Speidel’s manufacturing facility in Germany is powered 100% from renewable sources, and production is 100% CO2 free.

Case Studies
Read some of our Speidel Tank Case Studies here.

The Range
View the range of Speidel tanks or download Speidel's latest brochure.

What we offer

  • As Speidel's exclusive UK agents of 20+ years, we give you qualified advice based on your specific requirements, helping you to choose the right tank for your application
  • We will give you a clear specification with a confirmed price
  • We ensure you are supplied with the correct tank fittings/accessories for your application, enabling you to start using your tank without delay
  • For bespoke tanks you will be supplied with tank drawings prior to manufacture for your peace of mind
  • We control your order from placement to the moment your tanks arrive on your site. so you don’t have to worry about sourcing freight and insurance
  • We can give advice on unloading your tanks from the lorry and subsequent handling
  • We are here for you throughout the lifespan of your tanks should you have any questions or need any advice

If temperature control of your product is required, we offer the Kreyer range of temperature control equipment, which work in conjunction with Speidel heating/cooling jackets, for accurate control of individual tank temperatures.

Contact Us
If you have any questions about Speidel tanks, please call us on 01404 892100 or email us at email us at


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