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Voran BRM cleaning & sorting table -

The Voran BRM cleaning and sorting table is a dual purpose machine which cleans apples and pears and enables them to be manually sorted. Designed for use in line with a Voran GKE bin tipper, a Voran wash mill/elevator and a Voran belt press; the machine can also be used as an independent cleaner and sorter.

  • Removes grass, leaves and other loose foreign bodies from the surface area of fruit
  • Integrated water sprinkler to wet fruit on all sides
  • Helps to optimise mash quality for juicing
  • Facilitates the sorting of fruit - the brushes rotate to revolve the fruit as it travels along the table
  • Two sorting channels accessible from either side to enable sorting by more than one person if necessary
  • Up to 2000 kg/hr depending on fruit size, type and manual sorting speed

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  • Infinitely adjustable operational speed
  • Removable dirt collection drawers
  • Removable covers for easy cleaning of machine and brushes
  1. Fruit can be fed into the hopper via the Voran bin tipper, or manually tipped from crates
  2. Fruit is automatically conveyed by 2 pairs of rotating spiral wound brushes, which revolve and brush the fruit as it travels along
  3. Wetting process carried out via an integrated water sprinkler which wets the fruit from all sides
  4. Upper brush in wetting area brushes the fruit from above
  5. Fruit travels to the sorting area to be manually sorted
  6. Fruit is released by a sliding plate and can fall directly in to the water bath of a Voran wash mill with elevator

NB The fruit does not necessarily need to be round - this machine is also suitable for pears, for example.

  • Output: up to 2000 kg/hr depending on fruit size, type and (manual) sorting speed
  • Contact time: 5 to 50 seconds approx.
  • Brushes contact length: 2 x 2m
  • Operational height (feed & sorting): 840mm
  • Fruit release height (at end): 700mm
  • Connected load: 1.5kW
  • Electrical connection: 230 V / 500Hz / single phase
  • Fresh water connection: ¾"
  • Right to left operation, as standard (left to right operation at additional charge)
  • Construction: stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 2700mm x 830mm x 1410mm high


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