Speidel plastic tanks (60-500 litre)

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High quality food-safe rectangular shaped polyethylene tanks from 60 to 500 litre capacities, suitable for fermentation and storage, manufactured by Speidel, who have been producing high quality tanks for the wine & beverage industries for over 100 years. Speidel tanks are used by successful drink producers around the world. These tanks feature:

  • Extra thick walls to help preserve aroma & alcohol and keep must fresh
  • Smooth internal surfaces for easy cleaning
  • Rectangular shape with curved corners
  • Wide top opening for easy access & easier cleaning
  • Robust carrying handles
  • Screw top lid with airlock aperture
  • Airtight seals to preserve the quality of the contents
  • Compact, stable construction
  • Supplied with blanking cap and tap for outlet
  • Supplied with airlock and bung
  • Available in 60, 100, 200, 300 & 500 litre capacities

Capacity: 100 litre

  • Dimensions: Length 610 x Width 400 x Height 620 mm

Capacity: 200 litre

  • Dimensions: Length 800 x Width 490 x Height 770 mm

Capacity: 300 litre

  • Dimensions: Length 870 x Width 570 x Height 870 mm

Capacity: 500 litre

  • Dimensions: Length 1100 x Width 660 x Height 1040 mm

All the tanks listed above are supplied as standard with airlock, bung , tap & blanking cap

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