Seam Cutter Kit (for cans)

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This seam cutting kit includes tools useful during manual seam checks for quality control purposes. The kit includes:

Manual seam cutter:

  • Removes the end of seamed can by cutting off the upper rim of the double seam
  • It cuts only one end plate of the seam leaving the body hook and end hook in tact for wrinkle evaluation
  • Light weight
  • Stainless steel cutter
  • Made in Sweden


  • Razor sharp pliers - also called snips or nippers - used to cut open and remove the end hook ring of the seam, in preparation for the end hook measurements to be carried out
  • Needle-point head
  • Cutting edges angled 21°, without bevel
  • Length of cutting edge: 8mm

The Metop® Ultimate Can Guide booklet for Beverage

  • 31 page booklet
  • Explanation of how the double seam is created with comprehensive diagrams
  • Seam evaluation methods, including the industry standard method
  • "How-to" guide including parameters to be measured with diagrams
  • 'Defects & causes' section with diagrams
  • Different can sizes

NB Specialist tools are required for manual seam checks/testing

If you are interested in the range of Metop® can quality control equipment, including video seam units and semi-auto rotating cutter, please contact us on 01404 892 100 to discuss your requirements.

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