Gripple Torq tensioning tool

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Under tensioning and over tensioning wire can shorten the life of trellis wire significantly. Often wire is over tensioned, reducing the elastic properties of the wire, resulting in shortening the wire’s life and, ultimately early wire breakage. Using the new Gripple Torq Tensioning Tool to tension Gripple tensioners/joiners/No.1s (supplied separately) helps to maximise the working life of wire. The tool not only tensions the wire but regulates the load applied too, delivering consistent results each time. See video below for an animation of the Torq Tensioning Tool in use.

Simply rotate the dial at the base of the handle to select the tension required, open the handles fully, position the mouthpiece of the tool against the Gripple and grip the tail wire with the cam, and squeeze the handles together and repeat to tension. The tool will click when the required tension is reached.

NB If you want to purchase 50+ Gripple tensioners/No 1s with and a Torq tensioning tool it is more economical to order the Gripple Starter Pack (see link below) or Gripple Tool Deal (see link below) which both include the Torq Tensioning Tool.

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