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Gripple Starter Packs are ideal if you require 3 packs of Gripple Plus. The deal includes Gripple Plus (see drop-down for types and quantities) and the Torq Tensioning Tool at a reduced price.

The Gripple Plus range offers a fast and very convenient method of tensioning and/or joining/repairing wire on vineyard trellising systems. The use of Gripples can reduce the cost of labour when establishing and maintaining a vineyard.

Most conventional tensioning methods involve tightly twisting the wire, which eventually weakens the wire, does not allow for tension regulation, and the effectiveness of which is solely reliant on the strength and endurance of the worker. The use of Gripples for tensioning eliminates kinking and tight bends, ensuring that the wire operates at full strength for its expected life, and takes the hard work out of tensioning. The tail end of wire is simply inserted through the Gripple and pulled through as required, then wrapped around the end post and secured back through the Gripple. The wire is then tensioned using the Gripple Torq Tensioning Tool and can be tensioned year on year, as required.

Gripples can also be used to repair wire, eliminating the need to replace whole runs of wire. Insert a Gripple at the 2 broken tail ends of wire, cut a generous length of wire to ‘bridge the gap’ and push each tail end into each Gripple, then tension with the Torq Tensioning Tool.

  • Please note, if using for tensioning purposes, Gripple Plus cannot be retro-fitted, i.e., applied to wires already installed on a trellising system. Gripple Plus installed at the end posts are applied at the same time as the wires.

Gripple Plus wire tensioners/joiners feature the following:

  • Ergonomic design which delivers optimal load performance
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions, temperatures, humidity, dynamics and impact
  • Clever design of zinc, ceramics and stainless steel combine to produce a mechanism that absorbs the load and resists the effects of the environment
  • The patented ceramic locking mechanism delivers better grip, is stronger, takes higher loads and provides superior corrosion resistance, ensuring performance year after year
  • Easier wire entry and smoother push-fit action
  • The ceramic mechanism locks on to the wire, resulting in a bond that lasts season after season. The ceramic rollers are rock-hard and super-tough to deal with the extremely hard high-tensile wires in use today.
  • Built-in positional setting key feature which allows a Gripple that has been pushed on too far to be brought back before the load is added. A Gripple Setting Key is supplied with each order for Gripples.

The Torq Tensioning Tool:

Under tensioning and over tensioning wire can shorten the life of trellis wire significantly. Often wire is over tensioned, reducing the elastic properties of the wire, resulting in shortening the wire’s life and, ultimately early wire breakage. Using the new Gripple Torq Tensioning Tool helps to maximise the working life of wire. The tool not only tensions the wire but regulates the load applied too, delivering consistent results each time. See video below for an animation of the Torq Tensioning Tool in use.

Simply rotate the dial at the base of the handle to select the tension required, open the handles fully, position the mouthpiece of the tool against the Gripple and grip the tail wire with the cam, and squeeze the handles together and repeat to tension. The tool will click when the required tension is reached.

The diameter of wire determines the size of Gripple required, as shown in the specifications below:

Gripple Small wire tensioners/joiners

  • For use with wire Ø: 1.40 - 2.20 mm
  • Maximum load: 300 kg

Gripple Medium wire tensioners/joiners

  • For use with wire Ø: 2.00 - 3.25 mm
  • Maximum load: 400 kg

Gripple Large wire tensioners/joiners

  • For use with wire Ø: 3.25 - 4.20 mm
  • Maximum load: 600 kg

In-line join:

Repairing broken wire:

Torq tensioning tool:

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