Tubex Vine Original 600mm (pack of 60)

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The Tubex Vine Original was the first Tubex vine shelter, and it remains Tubex's premier product for Viticulture. A first-class vine shelter, the Tubex Vine Original creates an improved growing environment and protects the vine - with potential for earlier fruiting.

A sturdy, longer lasting vine guard, the Tubex Vine Original is formulated to allow the optimum growing environment and is easy to install by simply firming into the ground and attaching to the bottom trellis wire using a twist tie. The improved micro-climate within Tubex Vine Original can produce stronger early growth, a stronger leader with fewer side shoots, and higher survival rates.

The Tubex Vine Original also provides protection against animal browsing, herbicide sprays and accidental damage during mechanical weeding.

Supplied in packs of 60

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  • Suitable for all types of vines and most site conditions
  • Especially suitable for larger-leafed vines due to the larger diameter
  • Push firmly into ground and attach to trellis wire using twist or ratchet tie (not supplied).
  • Mound the soil slightly at the base of the shelter to prevent upward air flow.
  • Can be re-used to provide even greater economy.
  • Built-in strengthening rods for added durability at the trellis attachment area
  • Durable twin-wall construction for the best possible strength-to-weight ratio
  • UV stabilised to provide an estimated life of 5 years (can vary depending on site conditions)
  • Two holes near top of tube - accommodate fixing mechanism (not included) to allow attachment to trellis wire
  • Twin walled construction - minimising weight and maximising strength
  • Flared rim - minimising stem abrasion
  • Virgin polypropylene - 'environmentally acceptable'
  • May be reused
  • Height: 600mm
  • Diameter: 90mm - 110mm (supplied in nests of 5 guards)
  • Sold in units of 60
  • Colour: Tubex Green
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