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Max Tapener tying tool (HT-R) - 90121

The MAX® Tapener® HT-R tool consists of an all in one tape dispenser, stapler and cutter, for the quick and easy tying of the vines.

  • Easy & smooth operation
  • Binds gently with tape and staple in seconds
  • Binds 3 times faster than by hand
  • 'Scrap-free!' - leaves no scraps of tape
  • Improved successor to MAX Tapener's previous model (HTB): 50% less clinching force mechanism, 20% lighter in weight, and 3-5 times increased performance

NB The tape and staples not included - see below.

£46.50 ex VAT

In Stock
Application: Specification:

How to use:

  1. Once set up, press the tape against the vine & wire/support until they are positioned inside the mouth of the tool
  2. With a light touch press the handle; the objects will be bundled by the tape, the tape stapled, then immediately cut


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