New! CraftCan Duo Canning Line from ABE Beverage Equipment

New! The CraftCan Duo™ Canning Line is designed and manufactured by ABE Beverage Equipment originally for, and as a result of, close collaboration with craft brewers. It is also suitable for cider, kombucha, coldbrew and various other drinks.

The CraftCan Duo Canning Line is fully automatic dual-lane version of the standard CraftCan models and so has more than twice the output and it allows you to fill 2 can sizes at once. The Duo is available in 2 models:

  • CraftCan Duo16 has a capacity of up to 5,400 cans per hour (up to 90 cans per minute), 2.5x that of the CraftCan35
  • CraftCan Duo8 is different in that it is supplied as a single lane as standard but has the flexibility of being upgraded to a dual lane at a later date as your business demands. As a single lane it has a capacity of 2,700 cans per hour (up to 45 cans per minute), 3x that of the CraftCan15. A second lane gives the Duo8 capacity up to 5,400 cans per hour.

The CraftCan Duo is designed for:

  • Use as either a mobile canning system or as a locked-down, stand-alone unit
  • Seamer monitoring to ensure optimum quality, shelf stability and reduce product loss
  • Ease of use
  • Durability

See below for the main features of the CraftCan Duo. With installation and commissioning by our team of engineers, and training given to you and your staff, we are able to provide you with full technical support.

Manufactured in the USA, will be safety guarded & CE marked by Vigo Ltd

Please call us on 01404 892100 to talk about canning.


Here are some of the reasons why craft breweries are moving to cans:

  • They help protect beer from light and oxygen
  • They retain fresh hop flavours
  • Modern cans are lined with a polymer lining so that the beer doesn't touch any metal

Cans also have other shared benefits for a wide range of beverages:

  • They are highly portable
  • They are welcome in places where bottles are not
  • They can be crushed down when empty and are easily recyclable
  • Compared to bottles, they are space-saving, lighter and they won't smash
  • The unit cost of a can is cheaper than that of a bottle, label and cap

The canning process using an CraftCan Duo includes:

  • Filling head process:
    • Oxygen purge
    • Fill
    • CO2 micro-burst for reducing dissolved oxygen pickup
  • Lid applicator gasses to reduce oxygen pickup
  • Secure lid-tamping and seaming process, which includes seamer monitoring (see features)



Features of the CraftCan Duo include:

  • Reliable fill rates
  • Low dissolved oxygen pickup
  • Independent lanes allow for 2 different can sizes or 2 different products to be produced simultaneously
  • Touch screen programmable display (can be operated from iPad or iPhone)
  • Patented Servo-seamer technology with real-time seam analysis to ensure precise and in-spec cans:
    • Seams not meeting a pre-determined, measured specification are rejected, ensuring optimal quality and shelf stability
    • Torque Monitor instantly inspects and assesses seam accuracy on every can
    • 24 bit encoder with servo positional accuracy means, repeatable, precision seams within 0.15 degrees
    • Custom engineered algorithm allows for precise seam analysis
    • Minimises need for tedious manual tool adjustments as many modifications are made on touch screen
  • CIP and wash-down capable
  • Optional brite tank monitor available
  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction (some 316 contact parts)

Specific features of the CraftCanDuo16:

  • Footprint of 1.2 x 3m
  • Capacity up to 5,400 cph
  • 8 fill heads per lane (16 head in total)



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