Why can in-house?

Why can in-house?

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The Rise of Craft Canning

We have seen an ever increasing demand for the purchase of craft canning lines since their introduction to UK market. We have now sold in excess of 50 lines, with little signs of things slowing in the near future. So why is it that customers want to make this significant investment for their business?

Can vs Bottle

Cans themselves have plenty of well documented benefits when compared with bottles. These can be summarised as follows:

  • Cans totally exclude light from reaching your product - UV from light (even in brown glass) can negatively affect your product.

  • Cans are easily stackable for shipping and transport - they are also easily stacked for storage, taking up less space than the equivalent volumes in bottle

  • Cans are lightweight, saving on shipping costs compared with glass

  • Cans give a large surface area for labelling and artwork – to help your brand standout on the shelf

  • Cans do not smash as bottles can if handled incorrectly

Contract Canning vs Canning In-House

High Demand:

Many producers looking to move into can have initially used either contract packers or mobile canning teams to get their product packed. If successful, inevitably producers look to book additional packing dates. The number of contract and mobile canning lines has not grown in line with demand, so booking these slots can prove challenging and ultimately the producer can only take what is offered. This is far from ideal when you have demand for your product to meet.

Quality Control:

Quality of product packed outside of your own facility can also vary. It takes time for contract packers to adjust setups and parameters for each drinks batch – this means loss of product whilst they make adjustments. Ultimately you are trusting a company, machine and individuals you do not know to taker the care you would with your product. They are responsible for how your product is handled and therefore how it arrives to the customer. Alternatively, when packaging is in-house, there is ease of mind in taking ownership of the final product from production through to packaging. Any issues can be traced back to improve your processes, not possible when the packing is done off site.


Inevitably with contract canning, there is a risk and cost involved in moving product physically from production tank into transport tank, to haulier and again on arrival to packing tank and canning line. These risks are eliminated if the product is kept and packed on the same site.


Flexibility is a big motivation for purchasing a canning line. Being able to split your packaging based directly on demand into different formats means that you are not holding stock in one format which would otherwise have been sold. You are not estimating in advance where demand might come from as you are required to do when sending batches off for contracting.

Payback & Finance:

Finally, payback can be surprisingly quick. Contract charges can be fairly steep per can – as demand increases for your canned product and you put increasing volumes into can, the initial investment can quickly become a cost saving!

With capital equipment grants still available and increasingly competitive drinks industry finance deals to hand, now may be the time to start investigating if purchasing a canning line could be the right choice for your business.

Next step?

If canning in-house is something you would like to explore further, please call us today on 01404 892 100 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and talk you through the equipment options.

Our compact canning lines are suitable for canning a wide range of drinks including beer, cider, wine, cocktails, hard seltzers, sodas, tonics, kombucha, water kefir, coldbrew & various soft drinks.

For information on the benefits of cans as a packaging option, including the sustainability benefits, please see Can Makers

Many thanks to Five Points Brewing Company and Canopy Beer Co for giving us permission to use the photos of their cans on our website. Read our Case Study on Five Points Brewing Co & Case Study on Canopy Beer Co.

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