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Cold brew

Kombucha / cold brew

Kombucha and cold brew are exciting emerging niche markets. We're well placed to help you because of our ...

  • Experience - we've been equipping drink producers since 1984 and have a wide breadth of general processing a packaging knowledge
  • Flexibility - for the last couple of years we've been helping kombucha and cold brew producers with specific equipment requirements
  • Ethos - the equipment in our portfolio is carefully selected to protect the quality of your brand
  • Support - this is our watch-word and made possible by the fantastic teams we have here who work together to bring you peace of mind, whether through sales/project/technical support or servicing and repairs

How we can help you ...

In addition to our general range of equipment, we are well placed to source dedicated kombucha/cold brew equipment. Whether you want advise on key processing/packaging equipment, or to expand your production, call our friendly sales team on 01404 892100.

To see products which are relevant to kombucha/cold brew production, hover over the spirits bottle icon (above main image) to bring up the categories and select one [If on a mobile, select Catalogue above top image].

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Over the last few years we’ve noticed increasing entrants into these exciting emerging markets ...

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