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Import delights!

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We've worked really hard as a team throughout the pandemic to keep our product supply and service channels as open for you as we possibly can (in line with government restrictions and guidelines). Then came Brexit and after 1st January 2021 importing from the EU became much more complex. Whether you're bringing in a bottle filler, a spare part for your filter, or a consignment of enzymes it's by no means as straight-forward as it was.

Some of the new hurdles faced for imports from the EU include EORI numbers; declarations, licences, certificates, checks and border inspections, import duties and VAT. We are regularly jumping these hurdles so that when you order equipment or consumables through us, you don't have to deal with these additional complexities.

We import all the time from the EU. Both pre and post Brexit we have committed significant amount of time and resources to ensure that the implementation of new import procedures did not adversely affect our service and product lead times. The transition has gone well, but our Purchasing/Freight Manager and the Accounts Team will be the first to admit to it being both an epic and trying journey!

Based on our import experience, we can safely say that there are 6 very tangible benefits to ordering equipment and products directly from us, when of EU origin:

  • No exclusions of sale because you don't have a VAT number: We've received reports that some suppliers in the EU have made a business decision not to sell to UK companies which aren't VAT registered, due to the supplier's challenges of claiming the VAT back (the challenges apply to both the import and export side). ​We are VAT registered and so our imports from the EU are not affected by these types of business decisions.
  • No freight organising/overseeing: We sort this.
  • Minimal export charge levy: An export charge is levied by EU suppliers per shipment and an import. *However, overall these charges are more cost effective for us (and ultimately you) because we aim to import products in bulk or multiples, so in the majority of cases the charge levy element in the product price is minimal This is particularly applicable to equipment, consumables stock & routine spare parts.
  • Less risk of overly-inflated freight quotes: Many of our EU suppliers at this time are being quoted significantly inflated freight costs by their freight partners for shipping equipment to the UK. We have a greater chance of bringing the freight element down to near-normal levels by organising the shipment through our UK freight forwarders and taking full control of the import ourselves. We can also consolidate collections, when possible, bringing shipping costs down and making purchases much more cost-effective for you.
  • Less risk of customs clearance delays particularly after July: Full border controls will apply from July 2021 as the government's 'light-touch' regime at UK ports ceases. Therefore, having the correct customs clearance procedures in place becomes even more critical. We already practise the required import procedures so that shipments are not held or delayed because of the procedures not being followed.
  • Equipment maintenance & repairs here in UK: Our Engineering Team of 6 engineers & 2 apprentice engineers are here to give you dedicated support for all the equipment we supply. Servicing, repairing, dealing with breakdowns, advising - we've got it covered, plus we keep stock of spare parts.

Here are 4 general advantages of ordering from us:

  • We are friendly and experienced - check out our case studies
  • We only work with carefully chosen manufacturers/suppliers, such as Speidel, Willmes, CIMEC, Voran, Rizzolio, Malek Brautech, Enoveneta, Barida, STS, Technibag, ABE, Schneider, Bared, Quantor Kreyer, etc.
  • We not only supply but we support - through our very own Engineering Team here in the UK - see the last bullet point in the section above
  • We are here to help you - whether your enquiry relates to Sales, Accounts, Despatch, Engineering, Purchasing/transport, Operations, or Marketing, contact us and we'll do all we can to help

If you have production requirements and need equipment, large or small, please do give us a call on 01404 892 100.

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