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The late Summer warmth we are currently experiencing is no doubt very welcome after a challenging growing season of unpredictable weather. Yields may be slightly lower this year, but the feedback we are getting about 2021 product sales [to date] is that they have been high. Whether sparkling or still, the thirst for the wines of Great Britain and Ireland has left many of you running low on stocks (or running out) with staycations, the current wedding boom, busy vineyard tours and online sales adding to the demand. It seems that though harvest may be a little bit late for some, it can't come soon enough. We wish you a good pressing season.

Here is our A-Z of top picks of essentials for the season ahead ...

  • Silica sol - Klar-Sol Super, an acidic silica sol of high charge intensity (economical application), for clarification/fining
  • Silica suspension - CompactLees, a clarifying suspension to optimize the riddling process by rapid and complete settling of the yeast
  • Spares (for equipment) - our most popular spares (e.g., impellers, nozzles, seal kits, etc.); you can 'refine by' the particular equipment the spares are for; if the spares you need aren't listed please call us on 01404 892 100
  • Sulphur candles for wooden barrels
  • Tanks for mixing/blending, fermentation & storage
  • Tank funnel ideal for topping up Speidel tanks from the top outlet, or adding ingredients
  • Tap for wooden barrels
  • Tartaric acid to balance acidity in fruit wine
  • Test kits & labware - for testing total acid, SO2, pH, sugar, alcohol & SG; you can refine by application
  • Tools for pressing, including rakes, shovels, paddles, jug & scoop
  • Yeast - EC1118, a Champagne isolate (Saccharomyces cerevisiae bayanus) yeast, 'the original Prise de Mousse', with an excellent alcohol tolererance, ideal for the secondary fermentation of sparkling wines & for fruit wines
  • Yeast - V1116 (K1), an IV-K1 yeast for expression & retention of fresh fruit aromas in white wine, one of the more floral ester producing yeasts, a proven strain for ice wine, and can also be used for rosé or red wines
  • Yeast - Oenoferm F3, a special dry selected yeast of the strain LW 317-28 of the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae, for making wines with clean aroma and typical varietal character
  • Yeast - Oenoferm Freddo F3 for fermenting well at lower temperatures (13-17°C), ideal for preserving aromas
  • Yeast - Oenoferm Klosternauburg F3, for quick ferment through to dry wine with minimal foaming
  • Yeast - Oenoferm PinoType F3, specially selected for all burgundy vine varieties (including Pinot noir, Pinot blanc, Pinot gris, etc.) for a fast, clean fermentation at a wide range of temperatures - ideal for preserving aromas
  • Yeast - Oenoferm Rosé F3, for fruity rosé or Blanc de Noir wines, ferments effectively at low temperatures
  • Yeast - Oenoferm Rouge F3, for red wines, to preserve aromas & colour
  • Yeast - Uvaferm BC, a French strain isolate Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast for white, rosé or red musts, secondary fermentation & restarting stuck fermentation - can also be used in secondary in-bottle fermentations
  • Yeast nutrient - DiAmmonium Phosphate, promotes yeast propagation where nitrogen or phosphate is lacking in must
  • Yeast nutrient - VitaDrive F3, recommended aid for the Oenoferm range of yeasts, provides the yeast with essential amino acids, macro and micro elements and vitamins at the right moment, for a quick fermentation onset and for the promotion of cleanness in taste/aroma
  • Yeast nutrient - Vitamon Combi, an efficient combination preparation for all musts, all secondary fermentation processes and for making sparkling wine

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