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We're pleased to introduce you to Speidel's customisable range of tanks. Here's a Q&A to help you get started ...

What do you mean by 'customised' tanks?

Customisable tanks are ...

  • tanks from the complete Speidel catalogues (see links below) - the full range including tanks for fermentation, storage, conditioning, chilling/heating, mixing & transporting; non-pressure & pressure tanks; all capacities, ranging from 15 litres to 126,000 litres
  • customisable - choose your tank and take your pick from extensive range of add-ons / accessories
  • manufactured-to-order(NB cannot be ordered online through our website and are not part of Speidel's general stock tanks)


Where do I see the range of customisable tanks available?

You can view Speidel's full range of customisable tanks in the Speidel catalogue downloads below:



How do I find out the tank prices?

Choose your tank/s from the catalogues above, let us help you choose the add-ons, accessories and valves, and we will give you a quote including the freight charge, VAT & lead times.

Or, if you need to check before hand that the list price of a particular type and capacity of tank would fit with your budget, please call us. We won't be able to give you a fixed, all-in price over the phone because much will depend on all the extras you will require and the freight costs, but we should be able to give you a ball park figure as a guide. You can then decide whether you would like a quotation.

Call us on 01404 892 100 or email us at email us at sales@vigoltd.com


What will the freight charges be?

The freight charge will be dependent on the tank types, tank quantities and your delivery address. Where possible and with lead times allowing, we tend to group-freight customer tank orders from Germany to Vigo Ltd to enable us to offer you this element of the journey as economically as we possibly can. The final cost element of the journey to your address is entirely dependent on your location.

If you need tanks urgently, we can, of course, look into the cost and availability of dedicated transport.


I need tanks with temperature control. Can you supply this?

Yes, we certainly can. Speidel tanks can be supplied with heating/cooling jackets and insulation if required, and we have vast experience providing and customising Kreyer temperature control solutions. We configure these solutions to work in conjunction with the jacketed tanks.

Whether you require equipment for refrigeration and/or temperature control, either at tank level, room level or through direct cooling or heating, we can supply individual machines or complete computerised systems to meet the specific requirements of each application. Comprehensive installation and commissioning by our own engineers, and the construction of ringmains, are included as part of service.


Do you need advice choosing the right Speidel tank/s?

The range of Speidel tanks and accessories available can be quite overwhelming. If you have any questions or need any advice on which tanks are suitable for your application, please call us on 01404 892 100 or email us at sales@vigoltd.com and we will be very happy to help you.


Why are Speidel tanks so renowned world-wide?

Speidel have been manufacturing high quality stainless steel tanks for the wine & beverage industries for over 100 years. Speidel tanks are used by successful drink producers around the world. The vast majority of Speidel stainless steel tanks have a 25 year guarantee and they are 'easy-clean' even without chemical agents. See our Speidel flier for the main reasons why Speidel tanks are so widely respected and for more details.


Where can we see some Speidel tanks in use?

There is no substitute for seeing tanks in use and in context. Here's a selection of Speidel's latest YouTube videos which allow us to do just that ...


Which new tanks have Speidel added to their range?

Speidel's latest tank innovations include:

  • The Black Eye stainless steel fermentation eggs with jacket which combine the purported advantages of the egg shape (i.e., continuous circulation during fermentation/ageing) with the advantages of stainless steel [625 or 1,000 litres] - Catalogues 1, 2 & 3
  • KO tipping tank for tipping either grapes directly into the pneumatic press [capacity range 380 to 1,050 litres] and/or for other general tipping purposes - Catalogues 1, 2 & 3
  • FD-MK tank with cone shaped shell to encourage easy disintegration of mash upon immersion [range 6,000 to 12,000 litres] Catalogue 1
  • FD-MKEH Mash fermentation tank with oak shell for respiration and perfect temperature equalisation for sensory balancing of aroma [range 3,000 to 6,100 litres] Catalogue 1
  • FS-MO-8B pressure tank for Charmat method production [range 1,000 to 10,000 litres] Catalogues 1 & 2


Are there Speidel tanks available from stock?

We keep a range of the smaller scale Speidel tanks in stock here at Vigo (from 15 to 1,600 litres) and these are available to order on our website - see Speidel BO tanks & FD tank. We also try to keep a limited number of FS-MO fixed capacity tanks in stock, which are not available to order online - please call us on 01404 892 100 to find out what we have available.

The range of tanks available from stock at Speidel are their most popular sized stainless steel tanks (from 15 to 10,000 litres capacity) which come with a set of connections/accessories. These are called 'Configuration Tanks' (they are not custom made and so delivery times are generally very good). Please see our Speidel Configuration Tanks page for more information.


I'm really interested in Speidel tanks. Where do I go from here?

We would really like to talk to you about your tank requirements. Simply call us 01404 892 100 or email us at email us at sales@vigoltd.com and we will help you identify the tanks suitable for your application.

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