Brand : Bared

<style> ul.a {list-style-position:inside;} </style> <p><strong><span style="color:#840049">Vigo is the UK agent for Bared cross-flow filters.</strong></span> Bared have specialised in membrane technologies for the drinks industry for over 30 years and employ a team of highly skilled cross-flow filtration specialists.</p> <p>Bared cross-flow filters consist of:</p> <ul class="a"> <li type="disc"><strong>A feeding pump</strong> which draws the product from a storage tank </p> <li type="disc"><strong>A circulation pump </strong>which circulates the product through the filtering module</p> <li type="disc"><strong>An automatic 'back wash' system</strong> </p> </ul> <strong><br>What we can offer </strong><br> <p>In partnership with Bared, we can offer you: <ul class="a"> <li type="disc">Advice on the appropriate equipment for you - taking budget, space and desired throughput into consideration</p> <li type="disc">Installation, commissioning & training by our team of experienced, multi-skilled Vigo engineers</p> <li type="disc”> Comprehensive 12 month warranty, backed up by Vigo engineers</p> <li type="disc”>Full technical backup</p> </ul>

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