Apple mills

Before pressing, apples need to be crushed to a fine pulp. Effectively crushing can have as much effect on juice yields as the power of the press. Vigo supplies the Voran range of robust, heavy duty apple mills for commercial apple juice and cider production.

The model of press will determine which mill is compatible, as shown below. If you are unsure of which mill to choose, please call us on 01404 892100.

Press Model Press Type Capacity Compatible mill
50P1 Hydraulic Up to 150 kg/hr RM2.2
100P1 Up to 300 kg/hr
100P2 Up to 600 kg/hr
100PS SA200, WA LC40 or RM2.2
180PS Up to 1000 kg/hr
EBP350 Belt (single) Up to 300 kg/hr SA200
EBP500 Up to 700 kg/hr SA200, WA LC40 or WAR65
EBP580 Up to 1000 kg/hr
EBP650 Up to 1500 kg/hr SA400, WA LC40 or WAR65
EBP1200 Up to 3000 kg/hr SA400 or WAR65
ZBP660 Belt (twin)
ZBP1100 Up to 7000 kg/hr

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