Refrigeration & temperature control

Brewers are looking to temperature control as a way of ensuring quality and consistency of their product. Temperature can be controlled at the room level, tank level, or product can be directly cooled or heated. This can ensure that wort is cooled at the rate you want, fermentation occurs at the rate that you want, and that your beer is stored in the conditions you want. Controlling temperature can also help your product retain some of the delicate flavours which can be easily lost. Chilling is also essential where beer is to be carbonated.

Vigo offers the Kreyer range of specialist refrigeration and temperature control equipment from Germany. This equipment is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of modern brewing including:

  • Rapid cooling of wort
  • Fermentation control, including control by CO₂ monitoring
  • Long term control of product storage temperature
  • Product chilling prior to carbonation

Vigo has vast experience of specifying and installing temperature control systems. We can advise on the most appropriate equipment for your needs, which can be installed by our own engineers.

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