Atlas M semi-automatic disgorging, dosing and topping up machine

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The Atlas M is a semi-automatic machine which allows you to rapidly disgorge, dose and top up sparkling wines or ciders made using the traditional method.

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This machine will allow you to process up to 150 bottles per hour:

  • The crown cap is removed, forcing out the frozen plug
  • The bottle is placed on the inclined base, where a set amount of dosage is added from the stainless steel storage tank
  • The bottle is then placed under a filling nozzle where it is topped up to the required level. The bottle is then ready to be corked and wired.


  • Capacity: <150 bottles per hour
  • Dimensions: Length 750 x Width 600 x Height 1580 mm
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Compressed Air Supply: min. 6 bar

Bottle Requirements:

  • Height: min 245 - max 380 (+/-5)
  • Diameter: min 70 - max 114 (+/-5)
  • Bottle type: 750ml / 1500ml Champagne

Change parts are available for additional bottle formats

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