Tube/hose cleaning balls


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Essential for thorough cleaning of hose and pipes. These spongy rubber balls with rough texture are pumped along flexible hoses with either water or cleaning compounds to remove stubborn dirt which rinsing alone will not remove. The outlet hose from the pump is disconnected and the cleaning balls pushed into the hose which is then reconnected and the balls pumped along the hose. It is recommended that two or three balls are used together for best effect.

Sold as pack of 3.


Ball Diameters:

  • 20 mm Ball Ø for 13 mm Hose Ø
  • 24 mm Ball Ø for 19 mm Hose Ø
  • 33 mm Ball Ø for 25 mm Hose Ø
  • 40 mm Ball Ø for 32 mm Hose Ø
  • 51 mm Ball Ø for 38 mm Hose Ø
  • 66 mm Ball Ø for 50 mm Hose Ø
  • 77 mm Ball Ø for 65 mm Hose Ø

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