Voran hydraulic swivel (180PS) bed stainless steel press

The 180PS stainless steel hydraulic swivel bed press is manufactured by Voran, internationally renowned Voran, suppliers of fruit processing equipment since 1925. The 180PS is the latest version of Voran's hydraulic bed press range, being manufactured in stainless steel.

Hydraulic bed presses are a simple and relatively inexpensive way of pressing and producing high yields of juice. Apple pulp (milled apples) is manually wrapped in cloths, sandwiched between slatted wooden boards and stacked to form a ‘cheese’, which is pressed by the hydraulic ram of the press.

The PS presses not only allow a cheese to be built while another is being pressed, the empty press bed can be swivelled directly under the discharge chute of the Voran wash mill & elevators for fast and efficient pulp delivery and enabling 'cheese' building in the same place [with the P2 models you alternate between building a cheese on the right hand bed or the left hand bed, depending on which bed is being pressed].

  • Twin press beds - beds mounted on a swivelling chassis as explained above
  • Twin beds allow a cheese to be built while another is being pressed
  • Can press up 1000 kg (180PS) of pulp per hour
  • Designed for use with the WA LC elevator mill, to save labour shovelling pulp, but can be used with the RM 2.2 mill
  • Press bed can be lifted and lowered for optimal working height when discharging pulp from the wash mill and assembling cheeses (see image)
  • Comprehensive 2 year warranty, backed up by Vigo engineers

Please contact us on 01404 892100 to discuss your pressing requirements.


Voran are the market leaders in fruit juice processing equipment. The Voran range of hydraulic presses from Vigo offer you the following features:

  • High juice yields - up to 75%, depending on fruit variety and quality – the thin layers of pulp allow juice to flow laterally for a good yield
  • Fast juice run-off through racks with multiple juice channels
  • Relatively inexpensive – ideal for start ups or small scale artisan producers
  • High quality, robust equipment – there are many Voran presses over 20 years old which are still giving good service today
  • Supplied complete with racks and cloths
  • Pressure regulated automatically
  • Simple operation and easy to clean
  • Tested prior to despatch by Vigo engineers
  • Comprehensive 2 year warranty, backed up by Vigo engineers

Please note, with this more traditional method of pressing (also known as rack & cloth pressing or pack pressing) equipment is generally less expensive, but the manual nature of pressing in this way does mean that more labour is required and throughput is limited. If you require a more automated pressing system, see the Voran belt presses and associated wash mills / elevators and call us on 01404 892100.


180PS Voran stainless steel swivel bed hydraulic press

  • Beds: 2, with lifting lowering device for optimal working height when discharging pulp from the wash mill and assembling cheeses
  • Capacity: 1000 kg per hour
  • Pressure: 50 Tonnes
  • Supplied with 22 stainless steel racks of 65 x 65cm and 22 press cloths of 100 x 100cm
  • Discharge height: 1380mm
  • Motor: 2.2kW
  • Voltage: 400 V only
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Dimensions: Width 2250 x Depth 1100 x Height 1870 mm
  • Weight: 1020 kg
  • Compatible Mill: WALC or RM2.2


Voran is the market leader in commercial fruit processing equipment. The Voran range is modular, process-based and extremely robust. Their manufacturing processes are optimised to produce high quality equipment through stringent quality assurance. They operate via ISO 9001 quality assurance standards and are TÜV AUSTRIA certified. Established in 1925 in Austria, Voran’s vision was to trade with integrity and to engender trust and since then these core values have remained fundamental to the success of the company. Since we began supplying Voran equipment in 1987, their commitment to product development in response to the needs of juice producers and market trends has been demonstrated year on year.

Here are some more reasons why we choose Voran for their presses, mills and reception equipment:

  • Their extensive specialist experience in apple processing (coming up to 100 years)
  • Voran's presses are designed to achieve excellent juice yields from fresh and stored fruit (up to 80%, depending on model, fruit variety and fruit quality) for optimised raw juice quality (freshness, flavour, aroma & structure) and low juice turbidity
  • Their equipment is of high build quality and extremely robust - there are many Voran presses in the UK over 20 years old which are still giving good service today
  • Their presses and mills are designed for fast juice collection for minimal oxidation
  • They manufacture in-house at their site in Austria and so are in full control of the manufacturing process

We offer the full range of Voran fruit processing equipment. We can offer you:

  • Advice on the appropriate equipment for you – taking budget, space, desired throughput, labour, etc. into consideration
  • Advice on integrating new equipment into existing schemes
  • Trade-in options for your used (Voran) equipment
  • Advice on layout of equipment, power/water requirements in your building, etc.
  • Equipment thoroughly tested prior to dispatch by experienced team of Vigo engineers
  • Conversion to single-phase power where required
  • Vigo engineers install & commission on site and provide training to you and your staff where necessary
  • Comprehensive 2 year parts and labour warranty on Voran presses, backed up by Vigo engineers
  • Good stock of spare parts

All of this ensures you choose the right equipment for your application, which fits seamlessly into your operation. Our engineers ensure that the equipment works perfectly for you immediately, allowing you to quickly and efficiently increase production, reduce costs and increase your profitability.

The range

To view our full range of Voran equipment enter ‘Voran’ in the spy glass icon (header bar). If you're looking for a specific Voran machine but cannot find it on our website, please contact us on 01404 892100 or email us at sales@vigoltd.com.

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