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Sulphur dioxide (SO2) is added to most wines and ciders to prevent spoilage and extend keeping properties. Where SO2 is used its level must be monitored to ensure that there is sufficient for it to be effective and that maximum permitted SO2 levels are not exceeded. This convenient, portable Dr Nilles kit, suitable for determination of free and total SO2 on site in the winery or cider barn. The kits are very easy to use. This system is used by many smaller vineyards and cider producers.

  • Easy to use
  • Sufficient reagents for up to 200 tests of white wine or cider containing an average of 50 mg/l
  • For free sulphite* (as S02) determination: Solutions 1, 2 & 3 are used
  • For total sulphite* (as S02) determination: Solutions 1, 2, 3 & 4 are used
  • Ascorbic acid in fruit juice or fruit nectars can also be calculated with the aid of the additional Solution 5 (part code 94127 - available separately - see this listed on Individual Reagent Solutions for Sulfoquick Test) - see Application
  • Complete kit which includes solutions 1, 2, 3 & 4, with strong plastic carrying case

(*) Important Note: SO2 results will be artificially elevated by the presence of natural reductones and/or ascorbic acid (vitamin C) added to wine; this is because both the reductones and the ascorbic acid are determined as SO2. To determine the true SO2, you will need to determine the content of ascorbic acid/reductones separately. To do this an additional solution, which is not part of this kit, is required: Solution 5 (part code 94127 - available separately - see this listed on Individual Reagent Solutions for Sulfoquick Test). The reductone/ascorbic acid result is then subtracted from the SO2 reading to give the real free or total sulphite result. The kit gives full instructions on how to carry this out.

Please note, the solutions supplied with this kit have a limited shelf-life. Where possible we try to ensure that solution 1 is supplied with a minimum shelf-life of 6 months (12 months is the maximum) and all other solutions are supplied with a minimum of 1 year (3 years is the maximum). Solutions can be supplied with the full shelf-life if required, however, these are subject of a delivery time of up to 4 weeks. Please call us if you have specific requirements.


NB When you run out of reagent solutions, you can order a Set of Spare Reagent Solutions - part code 94101; if you only need one solution, you can order Individual Reagent Solutions (part codes 94126 & 94127).

Please note, if you are to carry out frequent, multiple tests, we also supply the Titrofix Kit - Stand & Hardware (part code 94106) & Starter Set of Solutions (part code 94114).

Please see the Test Equipment category in Catalogue for our full range of test equipment.


Applicable products:

  • White wine & cider
  • Red wine
  • Sparkling wine can also be tested if used according to the method described in the instructions

For the determination of:

  • Free S02 in wine/cider - see 'Important Note' in description
  • Total SO2 in wine/cider- as above

For the determination of Ascorbic Acid in fruit juices & nectars:

If used in conjunction with Solution 5 (not supplied with this kit - available separately - part code 94127 - see this listed on Individual Reagent Solutions for Sulfoquick Test), this kit can also be used for the determination of ascorbic acid in fruit juices or fruit nectars. Ascorbic acid mg/l calculated as S02 and the kit includes a calculation to enable you to determine the "true" ascorbic acid mg/l.



  • Accuracy: +/- 1 mg/l SO2


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