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CIMEC have over 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing automatic filling machines and have supplied machines to reowned producers such as Grolsch and Inbev/Interbrew.

Here are some of the reasons why we choose CIMEC for automatic bottling & canning equipment:

  • Their reputation for producing high quality, reliable, long-lasting robust machines for sparkling or still products
  • Their 35+ years of design & manufacturing experience - they have sold hundreds of bottling plants and machines all over the world
  • They manufacture in-house (entirely at their site in Northern Italy) and can guarantee spare parts in a short time
  • They carry out R&D and they regularly update their design and production technologies in order to respond to the requirements of the drinks industry
  • They are a family-owned, multi-generational company that share the same vision and values - run by Ignazio Cacciatore (founder) and his sons Gianluca & Devis
  • They are ISO 9001 certified to sustain customer satisfaction via product quality, for optimised processes, meeting management responsibilities and striving for continuous improvement

The Range

The CIMEC range includes CIMEC Automatic Bottle Filling Lines, CIMEC Automatic Bottle Rinsers/Sterilisers & CIMEC Rotary Canning Lines

What we offer...

We have supplied, installed and commissioned CIMEC filling machines for still and sparkling products since 2004, and for their bottling machines we offer a 3 year parts warranty and 2 year labour warranty.

CIMEC machines are regularly incorporated into bottling lines designed and supplied by our engineers, to include depalletising, labelling and packing, with all conveyoring; the canning lines can also be incorporated inline with ancillary equipment.

We can offer you:

  • Advice on the appropriate line for you - taking budget, space and desired throughput, and labour, etc., into consideration
  • Available bottling functions include the following: bottle rinsing; filling (including counter pressure filling for carbonated products - bottles can be double pre-evacuated to remove oxygen); and capping (crown caps, ROPP caps, corks - machines can have more than one capping turret to suit different cap types)
  • Available canning functions including: filling via counter pressure fill & seaming
  • Recommendation on bottling/canning line layout and drawings
  • We can include bottle/can depalletising and labelling, as required
  • Advice on power / water / compressed air requirements in your building
  • Supply, installation and commissioning by our team of experienced, multi-skilled Vigo engineers
  • Supply and installation of all conveyoring and all the required controls to ensure your line works safely and efficiently
  • 3 year parts warranty and 2 year labour warranty on CIMEC bottling lines, backed up by Vigo engineers
  • Maintenance and full technical backup from our mobile engineers
  • Good stock of spare parts


Case Studies

The Case Studies below represent a small sample of the automatic bottle filling lines we have supplied:

How can we help you?

If you're looking to source an automatic bottling line please call us on 01404 892100 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.



We have been supplying producers in the drink industry since 1984. We work with renowned manufacturers throughout Europe and in America to bring you robust and efficient production and processing equipment, backed up by our team of Vigo engineers. The manufacturer listed above is just one example. See our Manufacturers page for a list / more information on the manufacturers we are proud to work with.

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