Here at Vigo, we offer a wide range of fermentation, conditioning, storage and transportation tanks, for distilleries and spirit producers. Our Speidel-manufactured fermenters range from 12 to 500 litres; and our Speidel manufactured stainless steel standard ('configuration') and customised tanks range from 110 to 25,000 litres capacity.

As a globally renowned company, Speidel have been manufacturing fermentation tanks since 1910. Their range includes open topped tanks for variable capacity; tanks for whisky fermenting with mash immersion; fully enclosed tanks; mixing/transport tanks; egg-shaped tanks; and oak bodied tanks.

Additionally, we provide a variety of supplemental Speidel accessories or vessel add-ons to assist with the whisky, vodka and spirits production process, including thermometers, heating/cooling jackets, tank funnels, and more. See Temperature Control & Chilling for complete temperature control systems. For tanks fittings, please see the Fittings category.

Browse our distillery fermentation tanks and components below.


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