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Tonnellerie Rousseau is a family-run cooperage in the heart of Burgundy now in its 3rd generation

We choose Tonnellerie Rousseau for the following reasons:

  • Established in 1954, the Tonnellerie Rousseau cooperage have just under 70 years expertise
  • They have 11 'Meilleurs Ouvriers de France' ['Best Craftsmen of France'] who were trained onsite
  • Their team of 40 have a passion for the craft:"It's more than a job, it is an artistic work that we have the priviledge of exercising"Laurent, cooper at Roussea since 1996
  • They only use the best of French oak and only work with the trusted partners who share their values - see below
  • They are committed to sustainable practices - see below
  • Their aim of the new generation is to, 'to pass on cooperage expertise while bringing modernity and innovation in a continuous search for excellence to enhance the great wines of the world and bring pleasure to the wine lover'
  • Their objectives are: satisfaction, respect for coopers and the material, quality, performance & safety

The Videos

Watch Tonnellerie Rousseau's corporate video, along with their Fabrication of a Barrel and The Very Best of French Oak videos.

The Range

The Tonnellerie Rousseau range of barrels is wide. To match the wine styles typically produced in Great Britain, they recommend barrels in their 'Expert' range, which are perfect for for short maturations, between 6 and 10 months. This range is characterised by a unique seasoning of woods, and special toasting in order to create moderate oak impact, and a quick integration with wine / oak. Tonnellerie Rouseau grow their own selection of French oak, in forests in central France, for the Expert range. If you are interested in their full range which include barrels for ageing periods, and large format casks(round, oval and egg shaped) and large format wooden vats, please contact us to discuss.

The best of French oak, Sustainability & Quality Control

Tonnellerie Rousseau ...

  • Work exclusively with partners, stave mills & loggers who share their values, are of similar size and are often also family owned businesses
  • Are PEFC certified [Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification], guaranteeing the enhanced traceability of the wood they use and responsible practices
  • Oak comes from sustainably managed French forests
  • Sort, water, mature and airdry all the oak at their timber yard before passing into the hands of their coopers
  • Use all the wood they purchase: 1m3 wood consumed from 1m3 wood purchased - waste materials are recycled into firewood for the toasting, or for other energy purposes
  • Participate in regeneration plans for French forests with Forest'Action, who aim to preserve, restore or recreate forest ecosystems for the long-term by strengthening biodiversity and socio-economic development of local populations
  • No chemicals, even those approved by the wine industry, are allowed in the manufacture of Tonnellerie Rousseau products
  • All woods used are analaysed by Tonnellerie Rousseau to ensure the absence of unwanted molecules, such as TCA / TCP (responsible for corky, musty, corky tastes)
  • Several times a year they check the quality of the air and water in their workshops and in their lumber yard to ensure that there is no contamination by organochlorines
  • No barrel, cask or vat leaves their workshops without have undergone a series of strict tests, including leak tests

How can we help you?

If you're looking to source barrels, call us on 01404 892100 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.



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